Tyre-Kickers Rule

Updated: Jan 14

An old man walks into an expensive Art Gallery. He's scruffy and possibly homeless. The Gallery attendant is nervous and doesn't say hello. The old man approaches the attendant. The air is thick with tension. The old man says "I'll take that one and that one"

We all 'perceive' differently. The old man was simply quirky.

Furthermore, we all have different 'buying styles'. Some people are 'transactional' and others like to chit-chat to feel you out, to see if you are the real-deal.

Miscommunication and ambiguity are a normal part of the sales process.

Speech is;

  • what they meant to say

  • what they said

  • and how you interpret it

The bottom-line is - you will never really know how keen someone is to buy. A casual comment on your Social Media page could be a shy person ready to buy.

People that are ready-to-buy are the easy sales. It's how you serve the Tyre-Kickers. That's where the real sales-growth is at.

Tyre-Kickers Rule!

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