Complaints! Yes Please

Updated: Jan 14

Why complaints are helpful to your Business

If your glass is 'half empty', you will see complaints as ... well ... complaints.

If your glass is 'half full', you will see complaints as something helping you to improve your business. Big Business pay consultants huge fees to find weaknesses in their processes. You're getting it FOR FREE.

It's how you deal with a complaint that counts.

If you Dig Deeper, seek to understand and try to make-it-up-to-them, you'll forge a deeper relationship and create a Customer-for-life.

Complaints on Social Media (for the whole world to see)

If you ignore it, others customers will think they will also be ignored.

(Copy and Pasting a reply is like being ignored).

If you argue, others customers will think you'll do the same to them.

If you do the right thing (see above), and then record it for the whole world to see FOREVER, other people will see it and appreciate your helpful objectivity.

Everyone makes mistakes, it's how you respond that counts.

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