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Get Reviews and referrals, easily.

Updated: Apr 22

Reviews (written or video) are powerful.

The key is to have them give you believable details. Otherwise, people may think you have paid for a fake review. (Fake paid reviews are usually generic).

Too many businesses think it's too pushy to ask for a review. And it is - if you haven't made them happy. If you have REALLY helped them in some special way, they will be happy to help you, with a review.

Ask for feedback. 

Don't ask for a review - It implies you only want praise.

Do not use email if you have a phone number. Phoning is more effective

There's 3 ways they can answer

1) Negative feedback is important because it's how you improve. Apologise and make-it-up-to-them (you'll win a customer for life).

2) Vague feedback like "yeah good", means there's something wrong. Reply with, "I'm really keen to improve my xxxx business, if you could give me any constructive feedback, no matter how small, that could help me improve, I would be really grateful" 

3) If it's positive feedback - ask them a 5 questions. Problem they had? Result they got? One-specific-thing they liked? Anything else they liked? Anything else to ad?

If they forget, remind them 2 more times (If it’s email)

Then put the 5 answers together. Clear-it with them. Now it's a review. Do not correct their grammar or spelling because authenticity is important.

Follow up and thank them for their review and ask if you can email it to them so THEY can copy it into your Review Website of choice. You’re making it really easy for them

When you ask, don't make it stressful by saying, "I'm sorry to ask but..." or "Could I ask a favour?" 

Be direct. Just ask. Your customers want you to be successful so you can continue your business and serve them in the future

Get referrals without asking. 

Research reveals most businesses don't ask for referrals and that most happy customers are happy to give referrals. So ask! Because referrals are a really powerful, easy way to increase sales.

Be careful though, this is a more serious ask that a review. So be careful how and when you ask

Say, "I'm glad you're really happy. If I send you a short email now, could you forward it to anyone you think could use my help?"

Worst case scenario - they know you're keen for more work

Best case scenario - you get referred more work

Asking for a referral is important because your happy customer doesn't know you want more clients. You could be closing your business or wanting to work less hours or moving to California - who knows?!

Small businesses often disappear. So send an email-referral-reminder annually just to let them know you're still in business. Use a soft approach to avoid being pushy

If a referral becomes a sale, you could reward both with a movie pass, gift card, charity donation ... (don't skimp). This intensifies the BUZZ


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