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The $1,000 courtesy-call

Updated: Apr 22

Finding new customers every day is a LOT more expensive than having the same customers return to buy more.

X days after they purchase, phone them. "Hi it's James from xxxx. This is a courtesy-call to see how your going with xxxx?" Then have a quick chat.

Do not try and sell anything.

If they say there's a problem, GREAT, we want problems to solve to create LOYAL Customers.

After you hang up this is what they'll say to their friend...

"Who was that?"

"The guy that helped me with xxxx."

"Yeah, what did he try to sell you?"


"What, he didn't mention buying anything?"

"No he was just checking-in to see if we're all good."


Now you will be remembered forever. Yes that's right FOREVER. Because follow-up courtesy calls without selling are extremely rare occurrences.

Think about that. A 2 minute phone call and you're remembered for decades.

How much is that advertisement worth? $1,000?

Be careful though. Your intentions must be PURE (like a Romantic Poem). If they think you are just 'working through a list' and don't want to HELP, it may backfire and STOP them from returning and you'll be forgotten, or worse!

Marketing professionals spend their whole lives constructing complex, costly Branding Strategies to get you to remember them and you did it with a 2 minute phone call.

Powerful stuff.


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