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Cold-calling from the customers PoV

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Imagine your a Business owner and you need to buy something, anything, let's say its a phone system. You're in no rush and you've been wanting new phones for months but you've put it off because you don't want to ...

  1. research a list of suppliers.

  2. trawl through all their websites.

  3. leave messages and get no call-back.

  4. talk to a bored salesperson.

  5. baby-sit a salesperson through the sale ...

Now imagine a phone salesperson cold-calls you,

  1. they aren't pushy.

  2. they ask if they can email you some info.

  3. they're knowledgeable and easy to talk to

  4. they follow-up a couple of times and ask to pop over for a chat.

Say no more.

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