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Why personality types don't matter

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

I've researched Personality Type theories and have found them interesting and helpful in my life. I'm an INTJ. Life became easier for me when I realised I'm a 'warm robot' :-) (introverted, intuitive and analytical) and to just accept it.

However, in the Sales Process - trying to understand someones Personality Type, is not as important as many other factors e.g. product knowledge, industry knowledge, rapport, listening...the list goes on. And here's why - with an example.

Imagine you sell computers. A customer barks questions at you, the seem rude. IF YOU CAN HANDLE THAT, respond calmly and quickly (reflecting their personality) and you'll probably get the sale.

The next customer chit-chats. Play along, chit-chat too and get the sale.

The next customer wants all the facts. No problem, give it to them

The next one wants to know colors, all good.

If you are trying to constantly 'read' someone's personality, they'll feel it and you may come across as inauthentic or fake.

The answer is one simple word - serve. Just serve. Serve people how they want to be served and you'll find success.

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