Why personality types don't matter

Updated: Jul 20

I've researched Personality Type theories and have found them interesting and helpful in my life. I'm an INTJ. Life became easier for me when I realised I'm a 'warm robot' :-) (introverted, intuitive and analytical) and to just accept it

However, in the Sales Process - trying to understand someones Personality Type, is not as important as many other factors e.g. product knowledge, industry knowledge, rapport, listening...the list goes on. And here's why - with an example

You sell computers. A customer barks questions at you, the seem rude. IF YOU CAN HANDLE THAT, respond calmly and quickly (reflecting their personality) you'll probably get the sale

Next customer chit-chats, play along, chit-chat and get the sale

Next customer wants all the facts, no problem

Next one wants to know colors, all good

So here it is - If you are trying to constantly 'read' someones personality, they'll feel it and you may come across as inauthentic or fake

The answer is one simple word - serve. Just serve and you'll find success

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