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Understanding Rejection and Objections

Updated: Sep 7

Rejection When someone ‘rejects’ you they are protecting themselves. You are not being ‘rejected’.

Most people are not comfortable talking to strangers.

Trust is built over time. It takes a couple of ‘contacts’ for them to be somewhat comfortable with you. Thinking from the customers Point of View will help here

Objections Objections are a normal part of the interplay. Go with the flow. Use questioning to understand the objection and address it calmly.

If the customer has found a weakness in your operation. Thank them. Feed the information back into your Service Loop to improve your offering, (updating your website and policy/procedures). Update the customer and thank them again.

They will be flattered. You will be remembered.

Why objections are good

Prospects see what you’re selling in 1 of 3 ways;

1. Like it – great!

2. Indifferent – hopefully they won’t be soon

3. Don’t like it – this is where the Gold is, because they are focused on you. Address their concerns and you’ve got a loyal customer. They are expecting you to Back Down, Panic, Discount or something else. DON’T. Hang in there and follow-up.

They’ll be shocked that you bounced back and you’ll be remembered

If they object about the price You haven’t explained enough or your offering needs to improve.

If they say a competitor is cheaper Ask for details. Knowing your competition helps here. Talk it out with them. Never argue. Be curious. Build rapport. Find a win-win solution.

They say, “I have to think it over.” Ask, “What’s holding you back?”

They repeat, “I have to think it over.” Ask how much time they need, they contact them again.

They continue to say No You can't win-em-all, but you can ask "why?" and learn something.

Always end on a pleasant note / with a smile, thank them for their time and stay in touch / invite them back / invite them to your event.

They’ll be back. Your manners and professionalism will bring them back.

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