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Sales Presentations. Customer focus, but YOU first

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How to book a Visit (Sales Presentation)

Question; How do you get a face-to-face meeting? Answer; Make sure you're valuable and make it easy for them to say “yes.”

Example; If their weekly staff meeting is 9am, ask to visit (pitch) from 9 until 9:05.

Take 5 big printed foamcore boards.

Don’t go to extremes

One Extreme. You talk too much about you and your company.

The Other Extreme. You haven't prepared so you wing-it, making it TOO MUCH about the customer.

The Middle Path is all about building trust. To trust you, they must know you Start by briefly explaining ...

  1. Who are you. Your professional background (10 seconds) and how it can help them

  2. Explain what they do (from their website. This proves you are serious)

  3. And how they're positioned in their Industry (check their website and call before the meeting and quiz them)

  4. Where you're located

  5. Overview of what you do and how it helps them

  6. Why you do it. Moving beyond-the-transaction. (not essential)

  7. When you do it. Are you Monday-Friday 9-5?

  8. How much. Can you give prices? Price ranges?

Then Go Deep with the stakeholders.

Answer questions, solve problems, seek objections and ask for a 30 minute workshop/presentation

If there are no questions, keep you promise, thank them and leave with a smile on your face. You will be remembered. Then follow-up, to do a full presentation

During the Meeting

Remove Pressure At the beginning of the meeting explain that…

"This meeting is simply to find out IF we can work together. It’s possible we may not be a good fit. And that’s OK".

Rapport Banter and be curious. Rapport building is a dance. They lead and you follow. 5 seconds, 5 minutes or 15 minutes, they decide when this dance ends. Some people value small-talk more than others.

Serve them - You shouldn’t be servile, but you are in their service. Don't be a Tuff Guy / Gal

Share the Agenda

Don’t go too Micro - Don’t overload them.

Let them talk, while you ask about their past and current problems.

Be prepared to answer their concerns

Answering Questions

Do not ignore questions / issues This is a common problem with Salespeople. When a client raises an issue, address it. They are softly testing you to see if you can listen, understand and reply. If you don't listen before the sale, you won't after the sale

If you don’t understand a question Rephrase it and repeat it back to them, to clarify. Don’t guess. CLARIFYING is not a sign of weakness. Too many salespeople think it is. It is a sign of strength because you are risking vulnerability to better serve them.

If they want something you cannot supply. Tell them who does and you will become their Trusted Adviser.

At the End of the Session ask…

“Do I have a have an understanding of your Business?” If they don’t say “yes”, keep questioning until they do.

“What weaknesses do you see in my service?” Then discuss them.

“What’s holding you back?”

Ask for the Sale…

“Do you think we fit?”

“When can we start?”

Sometimes you will never get direct answers. And that’s OK. At the end of the session ask for a follow-up session.

Follow Up

Phone every 3 months (as a minimum).

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