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Updated: Jun 14, 2021

What’s your Story? Your Personal Brand is hidden in your childhood. It could be the gateway to your Business Brand.

What’s YOUR Personal Brand? Here’s Mine, to get you thinking.

Always Celebrate – “Guess what!” Mum said. “We’re having potatoes with butter and curry powder.” My favourite. And as we danced about, I wondered how many other kids were as lucky as me. Message – Sales and Marketing is difficult. Find 'the joy' in the struggle.

Always Give – The homeless man asked mum for 10 cents. She gave him $10. I thought his head was going to explode. She turned to me and said, “always give.” Message – Create Value (always give) and profits will follow.

Humour – Driving through the countryside gazing at the rich brown soil, my strict Grandmother turned to me and whispered “that’s where chocolate comes from.” The other kids at school gave me strange looks when I shared this 'valuable' information with them. Message – Don’t judge a book (customer) by its cover.

Follow-up – As a Paper Boy, I knocked on doors. I knocked twice for the customers that ‘tipped’. Selling isn’t rocket science. Message – Follow-up.

Writing – The teacher handed my exam paper back to me and said, “Always choose to write a story”. Oh no! I must have failed because I chose the other option, to write a poem. But I scored 80%? It didn’t make sense. This was my first taste of Taboo. And so, the love affair with poetry and writing began. Message – Be Curious. If they say "no", ask why; learn, grow and succeed

Courage – But this time, at the Bank, mum was ready when the 3rd Home Loan Officer said “but where’s your husband!?” To which she replied “Here are my payslips, you’ll give me this loan.” Message – Sometimes you have to Push Back.

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