Trade Shows. Markets. "Hello" is not an Opening Line

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

How to Hold a Trade Show

An authentic Opening Line is ESSENTIAL

“Hi. Interested in xxxxx” as you give them a flyer to take.

Your opening line should be work-shopped by your crew

It may be a 'Trade' Show but it’s still a show and

If you don't rehearse the show will be AVERAGE. It's that simple


2 weeks before the Show. Build the Anticipation. What can you do?

Here's an example Mail your Hot Leads an empty box (e.g. Gourmet Chocolates) with a note that says, “Visit us at the EXPO to get this filled.”

The Event

Your Primary Signage, on your Booth, has 3 seconds to be understood.

Being switched-on for hours is difficult. Don’t do it if you can’t do it. Trade Shows are expensive. Your money is better spent elsewhere if you don't plan the details of what will happen

GET DETAILS from attendees; for follow-up. What would it take for you to hand over a business card if you were walking around a show???

Prizes? what type? how many?... Workshop this with your group

  • No food or drink in the Booth, except water.

  • Leave the Booth if you need to use your telephone or eat.

  • Focus your attention outwards.

  • Internal chit-chat to a minimum.

  • Be Approachable. Will they think you’re on a break, if you’re sitting?

Post Event; follow-up Phone Call.

Don’t let your Event fade Talking to them a few days later, makes them re-live the event. Result – Impact doubled!

Ask for feedback (be specific). Invite them to the next Event. Start a conversation. Meet for coffee. Go Tiger!

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