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How to hold a Great Event

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Events are like a Stage Play or Film

  • Businesses the Storytellers.

  • Staff are like Actors.

  • Customers the Audience

Think of great Rock Bands. Like The Stones. Even when the audience was sparse, great bands kept on gigging; they hung in there and got better. It’s the same with your Event. As long as you are providing true value, the event will eventually be successful, you’ve just got to hang in there.

Consistency is key, events take time to build. Trust is built over time. Low initial attendance is not a huge problem.

Planning the Event

What’s your Goal? To Gather Leads? Use a Fish Bowl for business cards for a prize draw. A prize draw every 15 minutes means 100 prospects you get to re-connect with, to phone and say - “You won a prize!”

Where to have an Event?

Get creative. Check out Gardens, Nightclubs and Art Galleries. Rent a room and hold a monthly workshop to share your expertise and invite other in Allied Industries to contribute

Invite Speakers

  • To talk about issues important to your target market

  • Give the speakers a strict time limit

  • Speakers should Educate not Sell. Nobody likes being sold-to

  • Introducing Speakers from the stage, positions you as an Authority

  • Q & A Sessions, make Events more interesting

Advertise the Event.

  • Contact your database. Tell your friends, customers and cousins

  • Change your Email Signature to include the Event details

  • Advertise with – Meetup, Eventbrite, Humanitix, Facebook and LinkedIn

During the Event.

The role of the Compere (The Host on Stage)

  • Mixes & Mingles, pre and post event

  • Settles the crowd then opens-the-show (talking slowly)

  • Starts with a 10 second personal introduction

  • Then introduces (promotes) your Business as the Event Sponsor

  • Announces the agenda (what happens when, by who and why)

  • Uses fun ‘ice-breakers’ to get people mixing

Follow-up phone call. Post Event

Don’t let your Event fade Talking to attendees a few days later makes them re-live the event. Result – Impact doubled!

Ask for feedback (be specific).

Invite them to the next Event.

Start a conversation.

Meet for coffee.

Go Tiger!

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