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Social Media. Awesome!?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

When ‘Social’ first appeared, years ago, it was seen as a real Game Changer, but the opportunity was mostly lost to;

· Arguing.

· Narcissism.

· Maximising Shares and Contacts.

· Annoying Copy and Paste responses to complaints.

· The Cult of Positivity – "Awesome!" (without substance).

· Bots – “Hi, what is your email address?” Yeah right.

However, the potential is still there.

Social Media could be the new ‘word of mouth’ advertising, for your Business.

A place to understand and engage with your customers.

A place to start a conversation, without even being there. The potential is HUGE

Your website is a place to be Professional – Social is a place to be Human.

The key is not to push information (like in normal advertising) but to engage people

in valuable friendly conversations that can be seen by others. And don't spend most of your energy here because that's like building a house on sand. What you can control is more important e.g. your website

Example of a Social Media Schedule for an Accounting Practice, to start conversations

  • LinkedIn Posts on Tuesdays - Tax Tips for Tradies.

  • LinkedIn Posts on Fridays – Tax Tips for Freelancers.

  • Facebook Posts on Fridays – Things to do this weekend. Showcasing a condensed, scannable writing style and advanced formatting skills. (A hidden advertisement for the efficiency of your practice).

Social Media Mistakes

  • The Cult of Optimism (no substance). “I’m Super Excited to announce…”

  • Fluff. You get 3 lines to intro your Post. Make them count.

  • Too Self-Indulgent. It’s about your customers, not you.

  • Inauthentic Questions to get engagement.

  • ‘Bait’ Headlines.

  • Urgency. Really!? It’s the Internet, not a hurricane alert.

  • Advertising in Posts (that’s what Ads are for).

  • Advertising (without showing value).

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