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Advertising Tips

Updated: Apr 22

Plan the ‘sale’, when you write the Advertisement

  • Answer ALL these questions in the Ad - Who?, What?, Where?, When?, Why?, How? and How Much?

  • Imagine, then remove, all the physical and mental barriers (risks), in your customers mind that are stopping them form BUYING. (see Strategy articles for more).

  • Small Ads displayed for a longer time are better than Big Ads for less time. Because trust is built over time.

  • Write the headline last. It will 'reveal itself' after the Ad is written.

  • Do not try to trick people. HALF PRICE in large print followed by 'off your 2nd purchase' in tiny print is a trick (it's Bait and Switch Advertising) and will taint your reputation.

  • HALF PRICE is a gimmick, that's acceptable. A trick is not. Know the difference. It's sometimes a 'fine line'. If in doubt, leave it out.

Radio Ads

  • Are only really effective if the Ad voice-over finishes with “see station website for details” (because they won't remember your Web Address or phone number). If the Radio Station doesn't list its advertisers on their website THEY SHOULD. It's not hard for them to include an 'Advertisers Page' on their website. Ask them to do it.

  • The Ad must be in ‘your voice’ (your branding) - you don't need to do the voice-over, but the FEEL of the Ad must reflect your businesses VIBE. The station is there to help, but don’t let the station change ‘your voice’.

TV Commercials (TVCs)

  • Are expensive but could be worth it on Regional Stations, lesser known stations, late night, 15 second spots and with the future of Free To Air fading, it may get cheaper.

  • Make 2, slightly different ads, to spark the audiences long-term attention.

  • Show the TVC most days for 3 weeks, with none on the 4th week. (saves you money and reignites interest when they reappear next month).

  • Then slowly cut down on TVCs (they're expensive) and grow other types of cheaper Ad Campaigns. Overlap them. Changing platforms like this, will maintain awareness while lowering cost.

Alternative Targeting

  • Example - are you selling Finance Advice to over 50s? Exhibiting at a Finance Expo could work. But at a Caravan Expo, you'd be the only Finance Product there.

  • Guerrilla Marketing is a Low Cost & High Impact style of marketing. It can get wild n wacky and is very memorable. Search the web with "Jay Levinson Guerrilla Marketing".


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