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Advertising-Who, What, Where, When , Why, How and How Much$

Advertisements. Plan the ‘sale’, when you write the Advertisement

  • Answer ALL these questions in the Ad - Who, What, Where, When , Why, How and How Much-$

  • Imagine all the physical and mental (risk) barriers between your customer and the SALE then eradicate them or give customers instructions on avoiding them (also see Strategy articles)

  • Smaller Ads for longer are better than big Ads for a limited time

  • Write the headline last

Radio Ads

  • Only really effective if the Ad finishes with “see station website for details” (they won't remember your Web Address or phone number) and if you’re the only provider in that category. If the station doesn't provide this service - ask them to

  • The Ad must be in ‘your voice’ - you don't need to do the voice-over, but the FEEL of the Ad must reflect your Businesses VIBE (that's the Radio Stations job). The station is there to help, but don’t let the station change ‘your voice’

  • Jingles – careful here, if you’re competing with the Big Players with Big Budgets

TV Commercials (TVCs)

  • Make 2 (Similar but different, to keep their attention)

  • Shown the TVC most days for 3 weeks, with none on the 4th week. (saves you money and sparks attention when they reappear)

  • Then slowly cut down on TVCs (they're expensive) and start/grow other types of cheaper Ad Campaigns

Alternative Targeting

  • Selling a Finance product to over 50s? A Finance Expo could work. At a Caravan Expo however, you'd be the only one.

  • Niche Marketing - Specialise and you only advertise to buyers

  • Guerrilla Marketing. Low Cost & High Impact. It can get wild n wacky. search the web with "Jay Levinson Guerrilla Marketing"

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