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be helpful

It was the 80's. Mum (a single parent) and I walked out of the Italian Cafe in Bondi.

The chairs and tablecloths were plastic. It didn't matter though, because the gelato, pasta and conversations were authentic.

As we were strolling along, a local homeless man (Larry) asked mum for 10 cents. He got $10. I thought his head was going to explode with excitement.

Mum didn't flinch, she was cool like that.

We kept walking, mum leaned in a little and said, “always give."

and follow-up

The first 2 banks turned mum down for a home loan. The next bank said the same thing “but where’s your husband!?” But this time mum was ready and replied,“here are my payslips, I can service this loan, you’ll give me this loan.” We got the loan

How i help

Individuals find their 'niche' and sell it. 

Businesses dramatically increase sales

using the phone, email and events

Supply your written and spoken words

'Package' your service so you're quickly understood

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I can train you

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Point of View

Marketing for small businesses

always starts with your voice because even with digital marketing,

your customer is imagining you 'talking' to them

Sales and Marketing

your website should do 80% of the 'talking' / heavy-lifting

this is the other 20% is you actually talking

Helping is

to give freely within limits, with questions - you mostly win

Persuasion is

popular because salespeople like the sound of their own voice

Persistence is good and happens over time

Pushy is bad and happens quickly

The right mindset

It's called curiosity, you were born with it, just remove the 'adult stuff'

Don't say dumb stuff

It's not about great (great varies). Start with 'consistently good' and don't say...


You either have it or you don't. If you don't - get more support systems to bounce back


No need. Just ask questions and you'll both learn


If they say,"it's too expensive." Reply,"compared to what?" and keep learning

Different customer, personality types

So what?! Just solve their problem


"Have you got lots of money?!" Not a very romantic first date


Only happens if you try to 'persuade'. Just ask questions instead

Chasing leads

'Helpful' is never annoying. Call until you connect. Secretly they like being chased

The first date/sale

Don't be pushy, cold or clinical. Be curious, let them talk and follow-up

Phone scripts

They're not robotic, just guides that free-up more time to ask questions and listen

Social Media

They 'followed' you, don't blow-it. Educate and entertain. And sell - a little bit

SEO and Social Media

require a substantial investment of your time/money

Websites, blogs and videos

are all great tools


Ask for 5 minutes at their staff meeting, they're there anyway

Reviews and Referrals

If they're stoked, ask for one, they can't wait to get 'famous for 15 seconds'.

see articles below for more


Targeted B2B cold-calling

It's like asking for a date

It's not being pushy or tricky. It's just an introduction with follow-up

Phone's good, in-person delivery is better (don't do email) and follow-up is the key.

Look in your neighborhood and industry. Inviting them to your event makes you really stand-out.

Why do it? Because if they haven't heard of you they cannot buy from you.

And they more they hear the more chance they will buy

Let's bust 6 myths about cold-calling

"It's about convincing people."

Never convince people. Just 'offer'. It's ok if they say "no".

"But it's too much talking."

Most calls won't be answered. And when they are, it's for 2 minutes

"But it annoys people."

Not if you're relaxed and helpful.

"What if they're not interested?"

So what, you're not interested in groceries, but you buy them weekly.

"They won't answer."

Great - leave a voicemail, it's still a free ad.

"Most won't buy."

So what, do you buy pizza every time you see an ad for it?

B2C businesses can't call B2B

Yes they can, see 5 examples in step 4.

Water Ripple

Selling by helping and following-up in 4 steps

Step 1.

Stand Out

Be easy to understand and buy

The next steps are about customers

Step 2.

Hot Calls

Repeats, Reviews & Referrals

No customers yet? Skip to 3

  1. Stay-in-touch for repeat sales

  2. Feedback helps you improve

  3. Reviews - 1 quirky thing

  4. Case Studies are 'social proof'

  5. Referrals, then reward both

  6. Raving fans

  7. Increase prices

Step 3.

Warm Calls



Inbound Marketing

Strangers contact you

No inquiries yet? Skip to 4

  1. Research and reply to all contacts

  2. Call-back quick

  3. Call-back until you connect

  4. Don't be an 'order taker'

  5. Be curious, not cold & clinical

  6. 'Social' for conversation (not ads)

  7. Result - Convert 80% over time

Step 4.

Cold Calls

Outbound Marketing

You contact strangers

Targeted Calls and Events

The D.T.E.R.M. method

  1. Deliver by hand - Stand Out

  2. Telephone - Introductions only

  3. Email - Read 'in their own time'

  4. Repeat - Help. Trust takes time

  5. Meet - Events; a safe soft-sell



to improve our  collective wellbeing

with this Socially Sustainable

Marketing Method


Spins vinyl, reads Shelley & Coleridge and cranks roundhouse cutbacks

Case Studies

Professional Services




Professional Services

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Software - SaaS

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