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The repeat Sales

for people who don't like selling

I help Salespeople sell more by doing more sales-related-activities and

Non-Salespeople get new clients in 1 hour per week, using ...


The DiY '4 Step' Sales Method

to dramatically increase sales in 1 hour a week

based on Mindful Phone Marketing,

without being pushy, tricky or feeling awkward

with $0 spent on advertising

It's all here, free - no email or download needed


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Who should use the 4 Step Method ?

If you're open to the idea of helping others first, then this method is for you.

  1. Helping others first. Means recommending another business (lose 1 sale but gain a customer-for-life). After you have helped them, ask for something in return

  2. Instead of a Salesperson you have become a Trusted Advisor.

  3. Customers-for-life = repeat sales. Meaning less time & money spent on advertising

  4. Customers-for-life = being remembered - this is the goal of marketing

  5. RESULT - Sales increase and a community is created

4 Step Phone Marketing

Established Businesses focus on steps 1,2 and 3
New Businesses focus on steps 1 and 4

James can provide all your words and training
or Do It Yourself

Step 1.


  • STAND OUT - Define YOU with a Niche or Point of View

  • Forget Value and Benefits. They're wishy-washy

  • Be easy-to-understand

  • Be easy-to-buy

Step 2.

Inbound Marketing



Replying to Inquiries

  • Research to understand

  • Respond fast 

  • Build trust

  • Be Curious

  • Call call and call again

Step 3.

Referral Marketing

Leveraging Happy Customers


  • 'Thank You' Call - Care cuts-thru

  • Feedback - makes you stronger

  • Reviews - 1 specific thing

  • Case Studies - Social Proof

  • Referrals - 3 way rewarded


Step 4.

Outbound Marketing

New Clients in 1 hour a week

The D.T.E.R.M.method

  • Deliver by Hand - Cut Thru

  • Telephone - 15 second calls

  • Emails - 15 second read

  • Repeat - Trust takes Time

  • Meet? 

"Because If they haven't heard of you

they cannot buy from you."

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The Art of

Understanding and overcoming feelings of Awkwardness and rejection

4 Step
Phone Marketing

as above


Sales Process
for CEOs

Hire a Salesperson
or Outsource?


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Speaker . Writer . Events 

Sales Speaker
Sales Myths Busted!
The truth about confidence, motivation, & 

Sales Writer
they're scanning
not reading

Mini Seminars
Why chase clients?
Let them come to you.
Planned, Promoted & Compered by James


Pro Bono Work

Eligibility Criteria for Pro Bono Charity Work;

1.Have a Brisbane Head Office  2.Online Presence   

3. Be Ethical

  • Assistance for up to 3 months.

  • 2 projects completed annually.

  • Contact James for more

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About James

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, UNSW.

Sociology is the overlap of Psychology, Philosophy, History and Economics. Another meaning is; Societies that used to exist, exist now and could exist (Utopian thought) - I like that one

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Inner-City Brisbane


Helping people to Reach Out and enjoy business conversations by talking with each other, not at each other.

Simultaneously growing sales and improving mental health

Not all problems can be solved by talking.

One thing is certain though, it's a great place to start.


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