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Selling by Helping in 4 Steps

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Self employed? or want to be?

I'll help you find your strength and sell it

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The 4 Step Method

Selling by Helping in 4 steps

A socially sustainable marketing method

Built from the buyer's perspective

  Forget persuasion mumbo jumbo and manipulation hocus pocus

Forget digital marketing and social media

Master the fundamentals of sales and marketing first

by having helpful conversations and following-up

Step 1.


Be easy to understand, talk to, trust and buy from

Step 2.

Referral Marketing

Partner with Customers

No customers yet? Skip to 3

  1. Stay-in-touch for repeat sales

  2. Feedback helps you improve

  3. Reviews - 1 quirky thing

  4. Case Studies are 'social proof'

  5. Referrals, then reward both

  6. Raving fans

  7. Increase prices

Step 3.

Inbound Marketing



Replying to Inquiries

No inquiries yet? Skip to 4

  1. Research them

  2. Call-back quick

  3. Call-back until you connect

  4. Don't be an 'order taker'

  5. Be curious, not cold & clinical

  6. 'Social' for conversation (not ads)

  7. Result - Convert 80% over time

Step 4.

Outbound Marketing

Talking to Strangers

The D.T.E.R.M. cold-call method

  1. Deliver by hand - Stand Out

  2. Telephone - Introductions only

  3. Email - Read 'in their own time'

  4. Repeat - Help. Trust takes time

  5. Meet - Events; a safe soft-sell

5 x (cold-call + email). 10am, Tues - Friday

= 20 personal ads weekly = 1 hour




to improve our 

individual and collective wellbeing

by explaining how 

selling by helping in 4 steps

is the most cost-effective

and least stressful way

to grow sales.

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I'm passionate about helping you unleash

the power of positive conversations

to drive sales.

A power that Big Business can only dream about.

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