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James Haldane

BA Sociology

Retiring?  Hell No!

Find your coaching niche

and grow clients 

without persuasion

in 4 steps

to create an income for life

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What not to do

Persuasion, manipulation or automation - we're sick of it

SEO, social media or spending money - that's later, maybe.

There's only 3 things

You, your clients and your competition

  1. Your competition - Forget them, they're over-it. See for yourself. Contact them. You'll get a no, late, confusing or tricky reply

  2. Your clients - Relax (you're not a supermarket) you just need 1 client, at a time.

  3. You - Here's 4 steps


Niche to stand out

A 1 page website with a 1 minute video so they're 80% ready

to buy.


Grow clients

Grow loyal clients with

  • Repeat sales

  • Reviews

  • Referrals


Get clients

You contact them

  • ​Phone calls

  • Business cards

  • Work for 'free'

  • Paid ads


They contact you

What is a 'lead'?


and nurture leads

to get sales


Extra chapter

Personal Development

Confidence, curiosity, vulnerability and forgiveness

Black Red Modern Bold Business Strategy Book Cover.png

Free Help​​

On this website - 40 articles and free eBook

In-person Short talk for individuals

In-person - Pro Bono for Charities 

Services / Coaching​​​

In person, in Brisbane and Sydney

Find your Niche in 3 hoursSelling without persuasion

Websites and Videos - written and created

First Session - Free


Question ?

Text - 0412 377 309

Kelvin Grove, Brisbane City. Australia

copy and paste this, if you like

"Hi James, please call a couple of times until I pick-up. Best times and days are weekdays at ... and Saturdays at ... "

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