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How to sell services

without money or manipulation

in 4 steps

1.  Stand Out 

2. Keep     

3. Attract        customers

4. Create   

Want to find your niche? Overcome phone fear? 

And sell, without uncomfortable sales conversations?

You've come to the right place.

One-person business? Freelancer? Solopreneur? Self employed? Side Hustler? Artist?

It doesn't matter what you call yourself. If you sell a service (or want to) I can help you.

Customers don't care if you have an office or staff. They just want their problem solved

You don't need to spend money to make a business

Instead 'spend' time to find your niche and learn how to sell it

Just make sure you are always helping people get what they want.

Help without expectations, within limits, ask questions, follow-up and enjoy it.

be helpful

It was the 80's. Mum (a single parent) and I walked out of the Italian Cafe in Bondi.

The chairs and tablecloths were plastic. It didn't matter though, because the gelato, pasta and conversations were authentic.

As we were strolling along, a local homeless man (Larry) asked mum for 10 cents. He got $10. I thought his head was going to explode with excitement.

Mum didn't flinch, she was cool like that.

We kept walking, mum leaned in a little and said, “always give."

and follow-up

The first 2 banks turned mum down for a home loan. The next bank said the same thing “but where’s your husband!?” But this time mum was ready and replied, “here are my payslips, I can service this loan.” We got the loan.

Selling by helping and following-up in 4 steps

Don't wing-it, use this 4 step framework

Step 1.

Stand Out

Be easy to understand and buy

Then build trust with customers, in 3 more steps ...

Step 2.

Keep customers

Repeats sales, reviews & referrals


Get all 3

by having a system in place

Don't leave it to luck

No customers yet? Skip to 3

Step 3.

Attract customers



Inbound Marketing

They contact you first

What is a lead

How to get them

How to reply

And what to say

No inquiries yet? Skip to 4

Step 4.

Create customers

Outbound Marketing

You contact them first

Take 10 seconds to make an 

offer or introduction, to

other local businesses

Free Help

  • On this website. 40 articles. DIY with this 4 step method

  • Phone. Short talk, 'no strings'

  • Email for a quick question​

  • In-personOne person monthly - just ask. Networking, see belowCharities

Paid Help

  • Find your niche to Stand OutA 'deep dive' into you, what you could sell, how you want to sell and the market

  • Writing10 second phone scripts and emails for sales, reviews and referrals

  • TrainingCold Calling, Public Speaking

  • Soft SkillsCritical thinking, Confidence, Rapport



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