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Monthly Solo Gathering

Laugh - Support - Learn

Brisbane city

Begins with introduction circle / ice-breakers 

Dress Code is 'make an effort'

Linen or leather, studs or scarfs, gothic or rainbow, come as you,

as long as you are not shorts and a food-stained T-shirt :-)

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Find my Niche​​

Selling without 'selling'

The art of conversation​



People can be sceptical about sales coaching. It conjures up all sorts of images - and memories of ‘how to’ sales sessions which often bore no resemblance to reality.

The talk given by James was the polar opposite of this. He drew on his immense personal experience and on his knowledge of sociology to give down-to-earth advice on how to approach the sales process. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, however the talk was fascinating and gave me new insight into the process. Looking around the room I could see that everyone - from pro salespeople to novices - were listening intently and I think everyone there took away several nuggets of information on sales and how to sell without all the fluff

David Bateson,
Wynnum Chamber of Commerce,

“James is a consummate performer.”

Simon G.

Greys Advertising,

Shopping Mall, Game Show

“James is a very Charismatic compere as well as fantastic music director…has enthusiastic flare and can think up great ideas beyond the normal.” 

Sonia Karadimos. 

Bliss Fashion Parade,

Gold Coast.

“James both improved the cohesion of the evening and promoted a sense of celebration experienced by the staff and their families. James also demonstrated the flexibility to adapt to the atmosphere and unfolding progress of the evening by slightly adjusting his planning where necessary- all with good humour and calmness.”

Tim Booth,

Mission Australia,


"You were great and very natural. Once again thank you very very much for what you did. You were a real pleasure to work with.”

Maria Maruca, Modaitalia,

Italian Trade Association,

Alfa Romeo Showroom, Brisbane

Events position you as an Authority in your field 

Allowing you to Gather Sales Leads and Grow your Database. 'Entertaining’ replaces 'selling'.

The Benefits of an Event (compared to 'selling')​

  • Attracting people to an Event is easier than chasing people to meet

  • Conversations at Events are more productive than trying to book a formal meeting

  • Events showcase solutions and allow Customer Experiences to unfold


What I'll provide

  • Pre-Event; Choreography, Initial Promotion and Advertising (On/Offline)

  • At the Event; First to arrive, Greetings, Fun Ice-Breakers, Speaking, Compering and Last to Leave

  • Post-Event; Follow-up phone calls to double the impact, gather feedback and re-invite

Issues we'll address

  • Where to have an Event? On or Off Site

  • Lead Gathering. Prizes?

  • 'Speakers' educating from the stage (not selling from the stage)

  • Q and A Sessions?

Customer issues we'll address

“What’s in it For Me, (WiiFM) if I go to your event?” Insightful Speakers? New Products? Networking? Knowledge? Quirky Location? Entertainment? Where will I park? Where is it? What’s it near? Where’s the entrance? Is there a Door Greeter? Are there enough staff to talk with me? Will I feel welcome? Can I network? How does networking happen?

Contact James for pricing

Article - How to create a great Event

Events are like a Stage Play or Film Businesses the Storytellers. Staff are like Actors. Customers the Audience Think of great Rock Bands. Like The Stones. Great bands, may or may not have certain talents. But one things for sure, even when the audience was sparse, they kept on gigging; they hung in there and got better. It’s the same with your Event. As long as you are providing true value, the event will eventually be successful, you’ve just got to hang in there. Consistency is key, events take time to build. Trust is built over time. Low initial attendance is not a huge problem.

Planning the Event

What’s your Goal? To Gather Leads? Use a Fish Bowl for business cards for a prize draw. A prize draw every 15 minutes means 100 prospects you get to re-connect with, to phone and say - “You won a prize!”


Where to have an Event?

  • On Site – Your workplace is the best place. It creates trust

  • Off Site – Have multiple ‘signs’ explaining where you are located (Get creative. Check out Gardens, Nightclubs and Art Galleries). If you're a Sole Trader, rent a room and hold a monthly workshop to share your expertise and invite other Sole Traders in Allied Industries to contribute


Invite Speakers

  • To talk about issues important to your target market

  • Give the speakers a strict time limit

  • Speakers should Educate not Sell. Nobody likes being Sold to

  • Introducing Speakers from the stage, positions you as an Authority

  • Q & A Sessions, make Events more interesting


Advertise the Event.

  • Contact your database. Tell your friends, customers and cousins

  • Change your Email Signature to include the Event details

  • Advertise with – Meetup, Eventbrite, Humanitix, Facebook and LinkedIn



During the Event.

The role of the Compere (The Host on Stage)

  • Mixes & Mingles, pre and post event

  • Opens the show by talking slowly, after, the crowd has settled

  • Starts with a very short personal introduction

  • Then introduces (promotes) your Business as the Event Sponsor

  • Announces the Agenda (what happens when, by who and why)

  • Uses fun ‘ice-breakers’ to get people mixing



Follow Up Phone Call. Post Event

Don’t let your Event fade Talking to attendees a few days later makes them re-live the event.

Result – Impact doubled!

  • Ask for feedback (be specific).

  • Invite them to the next Event.

  • Start a conversation.

  • Meet for coffee.

  • Go Tiger!

Article - How to Hold a Trade Show

An authentic Opening Line is ESSENTIAL

"Hello" is not an Opening Line

Your opening line should be work-shopped by your crew


It may be a 'Trade' Show but it’s still a show! and “The Show Must Go On!”

If you don't rehearse the show will be AVERAGE. It's that simple



2 weeks before the Show. Build the Anticipation. What can you do?

Here's an example; Mail your Hot Leads an empty box (e.g. Gourmet Chocolates) with a note that says, “Visit us at the EXPO to get this filled.”


The Event

GET DETAILS from attendees; for follow-up. What would it take for you to hand over a business card if you were walking around a show???

Prizes? what type? how many?... Workshop this with your group


  • Your Primary Signage, on your Booth, has 3 seconds to be understood.

  • Being switched-on for hours is difficult. Don’t do it if you can’t do it.

  • No food or drink in the Booth, except water.

  • Leave the Booth if you need to use your telephone or eat.

  • Focus your attention outwards.

  • Internal chit-chat to a minimum.

  • Be Approachable.

  • Will they think you’re on a break, if you’re sitting?


Follow Up Phone Call. Post Event

Don’t let your Event fade Talking to attendees a few days later makes them re-live the event.

Result – Impact doubled!

  • Ask for feedback (be specific).

  • Invite them to the next Event.

  • Start a conversation.

  • Meet for coffee.

  • Go Tiger!

Article - Event Ice-Breakers.

Indirect Ice-Breakers

Because you are 'entertaining' strangers you are constantly 'breaking the ice'. Ideally it should start at the beginning of the event and never stop.


  1. As people approach the venue they should be 'greeted' by signs or people that make them feel welcomed.

  2. Then greeted again, as they enter the actual event space.

  3. Then continually engaged throughout the event by hosts, display tables, 1 minute videos ...

  4. The more 'engagement' options you have the greater the chance they will return.


3 Direct Ice-Breakers

Everyone wants to have fun at an event. People are scared to Mix n Mingle. It's your job to provide the conditions in which it's EASY to Mix n Mingle.


1) Balloon Hats

I once hired a clown to make crazy Balloon Hats for a group of strangers at an event. It's hard to feel intimidated when everyone has a colorful wobbly hat. The event was an absolute success because of the hats.

2) Christmas Party for 20 Small Local Businesses

A large room in a resort, 20 large tables. The event starts with the Host (me) announcing, "I have 2 bottles of expensive champagne here for the table that makes the most noise when I read out your business name."

After all the names were read, the ICE was well and truly broken AND each table new which Business was next to them. The energy went from ZERO to HERO. The night was a brilliant success.

3) Which Side of Town

Divide the room into groups (where people are from the north, south, east, west) and play a game where interaction is necessary.

Text or email, "I'm interested in my own event" to James


Your own Event

Planned, Promoted and Compered by James

Seminars, Workshops, Open Days and Trade Shows

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