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It was the 80's (when I started as a Sales Assistant). Mum and I walked out of the Gelateria Italia Cafe, Bondi Beach. The chairs and tablecloths were plastic. It didn't matter though, because the gelato, pasta and conversations were authentic. As we were were strolling along, a local homeless man (Larry) asked mum for 10 cents. He got $10. I thought his head was going to explode with excitement. Mum didn't flinch, she was cool like that. We kept walking as mum leaned in a little and said, “always give."

I'm a salesperson first, trainer second, meaning - I train people in methods that work.

Not in psychobabble about convincing and dominating others (trying to control other peoples minds)

I'm obsessed with Sales and Marketing and passionate about helping you unleash the positive power of conversations to drive Sales. A power that Big Business can only dream about


In 2001, I started selling B2B, door-to-door and quickly realised Helping was the best way to Sell More. That's when I developed my current method and doubled the revenue of a Social Enterprise. (Then published a book about it). That was my turning point; understanding that mindful cold-calling (phone and face-to-face) was the first step in changing lives AND driving revenue


Talking with people

Good Service

Enjoy Life

High Sales

Talking at people

Bad Service

No fun

Low Sales


  • Founder of 40+ Performers

  • Played a Prison Warden in ‘Home and Away’

  • Hand Model (It was a Seinfeld moment, in more ways than one. I’ll tell you when we talk).

  • Won a Performance Poetry competition (and yes, comedy clinched it)

Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, Australia  0412 377 309  james@jameshaldane.com.au

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