About James / Methodology


1980s - Started selling - newspapers. If you tipped, I'd knock twice (selling isn't Rocket Science)

1990s - Things get serious. Selling and studying Sales and Marketing (I'll never stop)

2000   - Developed a cold-calling method. Selling B2B, door-to-door, doubling the revenue of a Social Enterprise. This was the turning point; understanding that mindful cold-calling (phone and face-to-face) was the first step to changing lives AND driving revenue

In Business and Life, there are too many short-term relationships.

Pushing to sell something ONCE is not cost-effective and contributes to our issues with anxiety

Repeat Sales means feel-good long-term relationships (hands-up who wants to feel bad?)

Repeat Sales is also the easiest way to increase revenue (finding victims every day is hard work). You don't have to be great - be good, have a 'helping process' and follow-up

I'm passionate about helping you unleash the power of positive conversations to drive sales. A power that Big Business can only dream about


  • Software – SaaS

  • Advertising

  • Hospitality/Retail

  • Entertainment

  • Social Enterprises


  • Change Management 

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Design (this website)

Queensland Pro Bono 

  • Care for Life

  • Zion Aged Care

  • Chamber of Commerce


deliver - Telephone - Email - Repeat - Meet

Here's the 5 stage Customer Journey

Awareness    >    Understanding

You CAN control these 2.
So focus on these 2

>    Interest    >    Desire    >    Purchase

You CANNOT control these 3
So forget these 3

Step 1.            

Hand Deliver information

Hard-Copy gets noticed

Step 2. 

Telephone to Create Awareness

You're a stranger so;

  • Do not sell

  • Ask to email

  • Be authentic and helpful

Step 3.

Email to Create Understanding

  • Short and sweet

  • Clear and comprehensive

  • Linked to website / videos / blog 

Step 4.

Repeat to be remembered

Most buy after a few 'contacts'

So follow-up is crucial

You will not annoy because you are helping, educating and entertaining

Step 5.

Meet to build trust

Give them a great reason to meet

  • 5 minute presentation

  • Create a seminar

  • Create a Social Event

What is Sales & Marketing?

Garth managed a cool new Bar, I hardly new him. He bumped into us street-side and ushered us in, then he went behind the bar and got 3 drinks. Instead of putting them on the bar - he moved around the bar and gave them to us. Meaning, the drinks were free.
Meaning he 'reached out' to us, without thinking of money. 

To him, we were more than a transaction
That was 20 years ago. As you can tell, I remembered that experience.
I will always remember him and that Bar.
That experience was also an 'advertisement' for him and the Bar.

An advertisement that will last a lifetime

and cost nearly nothing.

That's what Sales and Marketing is about

Fun facts

Played a Prison Warden in Home and Away

Was a Hand Model (It was a Seinfeld moment in more ways than one)

Won a Performance Poetry competition (and yes comedy clinched it)

Won 2 surfing trophies in the 80s. And I'm still out-there every weekend, (just a bit slower on the pop-up).

Loyal Clients or Satisfied Clients

Entertainment like films, songs and dance are experiences that are memorable

Good experiences create loyal clients

Loyal clients are repeat sales, that tell their friends about you,

are happy to give you referrals and leave good reviews

'Satisfied' clients are waiting for a better experience

from you ... or your competitor

James will help you create loyal clients

Sales and Marketing - definition
an activity that holds the attention of an audience in order to delight them.

Entertainment - definition
as above

One last story

It was the 80's. Mum and I walked out of the Italian Cafe in Bondi.

The chairs and tablecloths were plastic. It didn't matter though, because the gelato, pasta and conversations were authentic.

As we were strolling along, a local homeless man (Larry) asked mum for 10 cents. He got $10. I thought his head was going to explode with excitement.

Mum didn't flinch, she was cool like that.

We kept walking, mum leaned in a little and said, “always give."