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It was the 80's. Mum (a single parent) and I walked out of the Italian Cafe in Bondi.

The chairs and tablecloths were plastic. It didn't matter though, because the gelato, pasta and conversations were authentic.

As we were strolling along, a local homeless man (Larry) asked mum for 10 cents. He got $10. I thought his head was going to explode with excitement.

Mum didn't flinch, she was cool like that.

We kept walking, mum leaned in a little and said, “always give."

and follow-up

The first 2 banks turned mum down for a home loan. The next bank said the same thing “but where’s your husband!?” But this time mum was ready and replied, “here are my payslips, I can service this loan.” We got the loan.


I've always worked in employment, marketing and entertainment

In 2002 became a Careers Coach, but when I hit 50, I felt ageism and realised to have impact, requires self-employment as a freelancer / coach

Fun facts

Was a Hand Model (It was a Seinfeld moment in more ways than one).

Won a Performance Poetry competition (and yes comedy clinched it).

4th in a Surf Comp. Still surfing and still don't understand cricket or golf

Runs a social club for creative people over 40 -

Have a band flyer signed, with personal message, from Iggy Pop


Advertising, Entertainment, Social Enterprises, Tech (SaaS), and Hospitality.

Including Rome - wow! What a city.

The 70s

  • Raised by 3 generations of women.

  • Born in Melbourne. Yes I'm an art and coffee snob. 

  • Moved to Bondi or Scum Valley as it was affectionately known


The 80s

  • Paperboy-if you tipped, I knocked twice (selling isn't rocket science)

  • School exam-scored 80% for a poem and told not to write poetry. And 'so it begins'

  • At 15 a union delegate at Grace Brothers Bondi, where I learned about clarity - "Rockmelons $1, you come tomorrow $2, give the lady a taste."

  • Graduated UNSW BA Sociology and Industrial Relations.

The 90s

  • Employee, side hustles and self-employment

  • Left the Catholic Church. Not easy for an alter-boy of Irish/Italian ancestry

  • Joined the Bondi Christian Surfers, they inferred I would go to hell if I didn't join their church. So I left. I sort-of saw it coming. What I didn't see coming was the bullying from other surfers. I thought we were all on a spiritual journey - WRONG :-)

  • 2 years at the Newtown CES was confronting, but mostly just colorful. Learning from my indigenous coworkers was brilliant.

  • Writer, Editor, Entertainer, Actor, DJ (playing not mixin/scratchin) and Barman.

  • Escaped Bondi for the Gold Coast.

2000 - Cold-calling small businesses, face to face for job vacancies for the

for long-term unemployed. I was like a matchmaker, and good at it and popular with our Head Office (so became state sales trainer) but unpopular with my coworkers whose workloads doubled.

That's cool, because finding ongoing work for hard working people (that lacked confidence) was a delight.

My marketing without persuasion journey began here as I realised all I had to do was help local business owners (free meeting room and monthly Local Business Newsletter ...)

I didn't need to convince or even talk about what I did, they knew.

All I did was try to make their lives easier and it worked.

They gave me job vacancies and we changed lives

2002 - Caring for my mum. And learning it's REALLY easy to become socially isolated

Started careers coaching, until I realised mature employees aren't appreciated. 

2020 - Helping people become self-employed with this website (I built on Wix)

Pro bono marketing

Care for Life (suicide prevention)

St Vincent De Paul.

Anglican Sailing for Youth

Chambers of Commerce

Zion Aged Care (art therapy)

How i help

Help you find your niche

Supply your written and spoken words

Website and videos

'Package' your service so you're quickly understood

Help you to sell (without persuasion)

What i don't do 

Talk about how good I am

Talk differently to you because of your age or gender or anything else

Help you scale or automate.

WoManifesto of marketing for solos

Mindset - You don't need a new positive mindset. You already have it.

Like Jerry Seinfeld said... Remember when you were a kid, you'd talk to anyone and after 1 minute YOU'RE FRIENDS :-). There's your positive mindset, buried inside you, just get rid of the ADULT GARBAGE that's covering it up.


Marketing - Always starts with your voice because even with digital marketing, your customer is imagining you 'talking' to them

The aim of marketing is to make 'sales' unnecessary. Coke did it.

Leads - Know what they are, how to get them and have a response sequence.

Reviews and Referrals - Push yourself to ask for them. Your customers want you to thrive

Guerrilla Marketing is a quirky, low cost type of marketing. Search "Jay Levinson" for more

Don't type dumb stuff - Ask yourself, "would I say this in-person?"

Social Media - Master conversations with strangers in-real-life before you try it online

Website SEO - Just use real-life words e.g. 'teacher' not 'educator', mention your location often,

have articles/videos and update regularly. Then focus on helping

WoManifesto of selling for solos

Start with features not benefits - Features are facts, benefits are maybes. What benefits others is known, after, you ask them.

Persuasion is popular because salespeople like the sound of their own voice.

Persistence is good and happens over time. Pushy happens quickly and causes resistance.

Don't over-promise and under-deliver you will not be forgiven.

Resilience - You either have it or you don't. Get more support-systems if you don't.

Negotiation - No need. Just ask questions and you'll both learn.

Objections - "It's too expensive!" Reply, "compared to what?" and keep learning.

Customer personality-types. So what?! Just solve their problem.

Rejection - Only happens if you try to 'persuade'. Just ask questions instead.

Phone scripts - They're not robotic, just sentences that free-up more time to ask questions.

Presentations - Ask for 5 minutes at their staff meeting, they're there anyway.

Side-Hustles (for employees) - Planning one will make your day-job more bearable.

Co-working spaces - More about Real Estate than community.

see articles for more

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