About James


Introverted, intuitive, spiritual, creative and INTJ

My professional life has always revolved around solutions

to sales, marketing and employment issues

the 80s and 90s

  • Pounding the pavement - selling newspapers. If you tipped, I'd knock twice (selling isn't rocket science and it's mostly follow-up).

  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, UNSW.

  • Sales in IT, Advertising, Entertainment and Hospitality. (Including Rome - wow what a city!).

2000 +

  • Pounding the pavement, again. Cold-calling, B2B, doubling the revenue of a Social Enterprise. This was my 'baptism by fire', where I learnt 'selling by helping' is the best way to increase sales

  • Sales Trainer - Retail and Professional Services (see Case Studies).

  • Self employed as a Careers Coach and now as The unSales Coach

Fun facts

Played a Prison Warden in Home and Away.

Was a Hand Model (It was a Seinfeld moment in more ways than one).

Won a Performance Poetry competition (and yes comedy clinched it).

And I'm still surfing and checking out live music

My hot tip; The Saints, from Brisbane, first 3 albums


Pro Bono Work


'Care for Life' (suicide prevention) - Sales.

Zion Aged Care - Art Therapy.

Chambers of Commerce - Sales.

Future projects

Criteria for NFPs - Have a Brisbane head office and an online presence.

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What is Sales & Marketing?

Garth managed a cool new Bar, I hardly new him. He bumped into us street-side and ushered us in, then he went behind the bar and got 3 drinks. Instead of putting them on the bar - he moved around the bar and gave them to us. Meaning, the drinks were free.
Meaning he 'reached out' to us, without thinking of money. 

To him, we were more than a transaction.
That was 20 years ago. As you can tell, I remembered that experience.
I will always remember him and that Bar.
That experience was also an 'advertisement' for him and the Bar.

An advertisement that will last a lifetime.

An advertisement that cost nearly nothing.

That's what Sales and Marketing is about.

Selling to strangers (cold-calling) is vital to the success of your Business

the methodology of cold-calling

deliver - Telephone - Email - Repeat - Meet

Here's the 5 stage Customer Journey

Awareness    >    Understanding

You CAN control these 2.
So focus on these 2

>    Interest    >    Desire    >    Purchase

You CANNOT control these 3
So forget these 3

Step 1.  (optional)          

Hand Deliver information

Hard-Copy gets noticed

Step 2. 

Telephone to Create Awareness

You're a stranger so;

  • Do not sell

  • Ask to email

  • Be authentic and helpful

Step 3.

Email to Create Understanding

  • Short and sweet

  • Clear and comprehensive

  • Linked to website / videos / blog 

Step 4.

Repeat to be remembered

Most buy after a few 'contacts'

So follow-up is crucial

You will not annoy because you are helping, educating and entertaining

Step 5.

Meet to build trust

Give them a great reason to meet

  • 5 minute presentation

  • Create a seminar

  • Create a Social Event