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5 minute Presentations

When does your prospect have weekly meetings? 9am Mondays? Ask to present from 9am to 9:05.

This makes it easy to get a YES

Your primary objective is to MEET PEOPLE

The length of time you meet is not as important

Research them

Phone them to confirm your research

Get Names and Job Titles of attendees

Arrive 8:45 

Place business cards on all seats

Bring 5 printed foamcore boards

Clock watch like a hawk

Remove pressure at the beginning of the meeting by explaining that…

"This meeting is simply to find out IF we can work together. It’s possible we may not be a good fit. And that’s OK".

Don't make it all about YOU or THEM. Use the Middle Path

  1. Who are you. Your professional background (10 seconds) and how it can help them

  2. Where you're located

  3. Overview of what you do and how it helps them

  4. Why you do it. Moving beyond-the-transaction. (not essential)

  5. When you do it. Are you Monday-Friday 9-5?

  6. How much. Can you give prices? Price ranges?

  7. Explain what they do, from your research, to prove you're serious

  8. After 4 minutes, ask, “Do I have a have an understanding of your Business?” 

Then ask if they have any questions

If you don’t understand a question, rephrase it and repeat it back to them, to clarify.

If you still don't understand or don't know the answer. Don’t guess an answer.

Find the answer later that day and email it to all attendees

They are softly testing you to see if you can listen, understand and reply.

If you guess and you're WAY OFF. They put you in the MUPPET BASKET

There is NO ESCAPE from ... the Muppet Basket

Not knowing is OK. You are not Superman or the Silver Surfer

Phone the next day for feedback. DO NOT disagree with any feedback

Stay in touch

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