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"I have known James for 18 years and will attest to his honesty and transparency in all his business and personal interactions. He is passionate about helping individuals and businesses to achieve their very best performance in all areas of endeavour.

I particularly recommend him to small business owners who experience problems with promoting their B2B and B2C engagement.

There are no fancy and expensive glitter marketing packages that rely solely on your sales target’s reaction to advertising.

James will provide marketing techniques specific to your business that work and will train your staff to fully support the aims of the business in all aspects of their work – a truly top-to-bottom-and-back approach that achieves uniformity and harmony in the workplace, and results, to whatever level you desire."

Don Logan MBA, Dip (MBM), C.Dec.

Branch Manager, Gold Coast

Mission Australia


"James is a very genuine person who looked to dig deeper into a customers situation to help them solve the problems they were encountering."

Craig Chudleigh, CEO,

Stakeholder Engagement Software, SaaS

Consultation Manager,

Production Company - Film

“James gave me key insights into marketing my work.

Keeping my brand focused and never diluted on social media was key.

His consultation gave me other invaluable insights on how to improve my brand and sales. This helped me increase my sales by over 200% in the first few months.”

Greg Notzelman,

Lead Digital Artist,

‘War for Planet of the Apes’.

TSG Entertainment


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