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Cold calling without persuasion

There are like minded businesses everywhere looking to start mutually beneficial relationships but don't know how to start. Here's how

The first call is to introduce yourself ONLY. How they react is irrelevant because it's out of your control

It's like introducing yourself to strangers, at a mate’s party.

Don’t raise your voice, sound formal, pushy, tricky or enthusiastic.

Researching the business, for 1 minute before you call, for talking points

Call businesses close to you. This decreases 'stranger danger'

Preparing your words. Have catchphrases ready so you don't stumble.​

Don’t talk for more than 10 seconds. The call lasts less than 3 minutes (then follow up) because trust is built over time. No selling, pitching or qualifying.

When to call - After 10am. Tues / Wed / Thurs

The First Call. What to say.​​​

"This is James calling from (your suburb), can you hear me ok?" … "I'm reading your website and I'm calling to introduce my business to your business." How they react is irrelevant because it's out of your control

If you get voicemail, drop the "can you hear me?" and end it with "I'll email now."

Do not leave your number or make a request (that’s pressure).

Email after you call

Emails are effective because they can get-to-know-you, in-their-own-time and emails cay be saved.

Make it a 10 second read.

ALWAYS email after a call. Don’t let your interpretation of their ‘attitude’ stop you from emailing

Why cold call? 2 reasons.

1) If they haven't not heard of you = they cannot buy from you.

2) Now your email (after your call) is not spam.

Cold calling - the customer perspective

Imagine someone in a business near you has a problem. A problem that YOU can solve

And they've let the problem linger for years because they don't want to ...

  1. research a list of coaches/freelancers/suppliers.

  2. trawl through all their websites.

  3. leave messages and get no call-back.

  4. talk to someone lazy or tricky.

Now imagine YOU cold call them, just to introduce yourself

  1. you're not pushy.

  2. you ask to email some info.

  3. you're knowledgeable and easy to talk to

  4. you follow-up and chat.

Say no more.

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