First Sundays, monthly at 3pm​ in the City, Brisbane

 It's ON rain, hail, shine or back-to-back Seinfeld episodes :-)

Next meet 5th June 2022

Contact James for location




  • Feel like you don't fit-in?

  • Run your own solo business (or want to)?

  • Want to be social with positive, supportive like-minds

  • Learn about marketing without money or manipulation?

  • Invite prospective clients?

  • Promote your business or art?

  • Helpful Peer to Peer learning

Yeah i know networking sucks. It's tricky and cliquey, things can get nasty, OHH YEAH. That's why I created this group! . Be warned though average attendance has been 3 people. So if your expecting Studio 54 ... weeell ...

What happens?
The Children's Book writer finds a Watercolor Artist. The Sci-Fi writer finds a Sketch Artist to make each chapter pop. The Actor/Dancer/Filmmaker creates a winning short film from a chapter that sells a book. The Fashion/Graphic Designer creates your Brand. The Musician or Face, Balloon, Coffee artist rocks your next event. The Techie or Accountant can recommend software.We can all help/employ each other only if we meet on a regular basis

Despite these uncertain times increasing the appeal for all of us to stay at home, I've committed to hold this event every month this year. Rain, hail, shine or back to back Seinfeld episodes :-). Big Thanks to those who've attended so far.

This event can continue into next year only if we have a few people attending regularly.

I'm KEEN to talk with you. Over to you ...


3:00pm - Round Table

  • Introductions

  • Talking, equal time, 1 at a time

  • Peer to Peer learning, Q and A

  • Show your work

  • Then no more work talk, unless you want to

Open to ...

  • All Industries

  • Tech and non-tech people

  • Creatives / Artists / Performers

  • Introverts

Previous Meeting Report 

for 8/Jan/2022
Our first meeting in Spring Hill was a great success (with beer and Sav Blanc). Kalyi (Coach / Artist) was getting tips from Lee (He's published a Sci-Fi Novel) who was explaining the inside working of promotions / bookshops. Daryl was sharing his in-depth knowledge of Youtube. We all learnt something and had good general chats too. GREAT AFTERNOON 

for 5/Feb/2022
more discussion and eclectic 80s music at 4pm 

for 5/Mar/2022
Discussion about podcasts, childrens' books and a solopreneur that paints 'Warhammer' figures

for 2/April/2022

One of our members is now managing a new book store in New Farm (Brunswick and Merthyr)

for 7/May/2022

it rained and it's Brisbane ;-)