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Help introverts over 40 escape office hell and Ageism and be happy

Successful small businesses listen and understand and then help. This is typically what introverts do. We need more introverts in business. It used to annoy me when my old bosses thought blabbermouths were really good salespeople. The horror

Toxic workplaces and ageism are on the rise. I've experienced both

I spoke to a CEO on the phone, about my marketing philosophy/strategy, he loved it. But when we met and he saw my grey hairs. EVERYTHING CHANGED. Somehow the value of my idea reduced by 50% because of my age. I know it was my age because I asked why a few days later. CRAZY. 

And toxic workplaces, wow, don't get me started. Problems with supervisors and coworkers. HOW MUCH CAN A KOALA BEAR.

You'll partially escape office hell in your mind and be happier when you start to plan your side hustle because you'll see 'a light at the end of the tunnel'.

THEN your feelings of happiness will increase AGAIN when you start helping people. And again when you get your first paying client. And it keeps on rising. Your day job should become more tolerable as your confidence grows

The world needs your wisdom so find your niche as a freelancer / coach by specialising in what you sell and who you sell it to. So that people quickly understand your service

To find your niche we'll look at your

1) Skills. 

2) Life experience/Struggle with a problem that you controlled/defeated.

3) Work experience.

4) a passion / interest

5) Your ‘why’. The deep stuff.


We'll create and promote your 1 core service, nothing else

Maybe make a website (1 page with a few sub-pages).

Your first coaching sessions will be with friends of friends or we'll advertise (on social media) to get people. (Like beta testing)

You'll have a short phone conversation with them to make sure you can help them.

Then a 1-3 hour meeting.

At the end of the session you'll ask what they valued most/least, what could be improved and what they didn't understand.

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