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Say Hello

20 minutes. Telephone

We'll talk about what you've tried (what worked, what didn't). And I'll outline how I can help


Upward Curve

4 Step it up

In-Person / phone

The 4 Step method applied to your business

Single Session / Monthly (4)

$250 / 800

free help

  • Articles.

  • DiY - the 4 step method.

  • Phone chat, 'no strings'.

  • One person monthly. Just ask.

  • Monthly gatherings in Brisbane city.

  • Charities.



  • Phone scripts. Websites, emails & articles


  • Live cold-calls (phone & street)

  • How to 'stand out' and find target markets

  • Confidence, motivation & resilience.

  • Rapport and presentations

  • Difficult conversations.

  • Asking for the sale

  • Community events / sustainability.

What i don't do 

  • I don't help you scale. Such as; attract investment or automate. I help you make it great, before you automate
  • Sell you anything like a CRM or a website - I'm independent

  • Talk about how good I am or waste your time

  • Help you make 6 figures in a few months


writing and phone training

  • We'll make sure your website

    • covers the basics - Who? What? Where? When? Why? How (much)? 

    • makes you stand out

    • makes you easy to understand, talk to, and buy from​​

    • has articles that prove you can help

    • sounds like you, not a cold 'professional'

  • Phone scripts (first call & follow-up calls) 

    1. to get repeat sales, reviews and referrals

    2. to reply to inquiries

    3. for targeted, unpushy cold-calling 

  • Voicemail scripts

  • Emails (first & follow-up)

find your target markets

  • Demographics; Age, Gender, Income ...

  • Psychographics; Beliefs, Interests

  • Geographics; the closer the better and further afield if you specialise

  • Reverse Demographics; 

    • ​A shopping mall with 7 Women’s Fashion Stores. One store ads an area with the latest men’s magazines. Male partners are no longer bored waiting outside the store. And actively want to go to this Women’s Fashion Store. Sales increase

    • Men's Barber targets women with 'Kissable Beards' Campaign. Women take their partners to this Barber. Sales increase

strategy to stand-out

  • We find your specialisation. Yes! you have one, you can't see it because you think "anyone can do that" ... well ... they can't. We'll do a deep-dive into your work history, skills, passions and interests to find it

    • maybe it's your strongest skill, hidden skill or transferable skill 

    • or your personality

    • or something your competitors are not doing 

    • or a niche group that is not being fully serviced 

    • or how you 'package' your service as results (not 'hourly rates')

    • or articles that position you as an expert

micro events

  • monthly events for small groups (see Sales Speaker on home page)

street shadowing

  • You and me walking the streets cold-calling. Yes we 'rock the streets', relaxed old-school style. You choose who talks until you're ready to do it all yourself. Once you've conquered this your confidence will soar. We drop-off letters without engaging (that's for later on the phone). We use my 'courier method' that makes it stress-free. When you cold-call in person (especially with 2 people) the prospect knows absolutely, that you're serious about doing business​​​​

More about how i help

  • I won't talk differently to you because of your age, gender or anything else

  • I'll talk with you. Not at you and provide a fresh independent perspective

  • I'll do whatever it takes (ethically and within the law) to get you more sales

Why i help

The amount of anxiety in Australia is out-of-hand. There is a huge market of Australians CRAVING to trust YOU and your service. You just need to know how to 'package', promote and sell it. That's where I come in