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Salespeople & Business Owners

It's a simple, beautiful, undeniable fact that; if they don't know about you, they can't buy from you.


To get known, you need to;

spend money (advertising) or spend time (cold-calling)

there's no short cuts


I've been doing the hard work for 20 years and know what works. 

Mindful B2B cold-calling works if you;

do not 'sell' + always help + keep it short + send an email + follow-up

So what is selling?

Imagine you sell cookies...

  • When family, friends and 'cookie lovers' buy cookies, you're a supplier

  • When 'healthy' strangers buy cookies, you're selling

Small Businesses

  • Create 'Service Systems' to re-engineer workflows to be customer driven

  • Create Packages (instead of charging hourly) to increase revenue

  • Guerrilla Marketing - low-cost, high-impact marketing 


  • Build confidence

  • Un-network


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Forget Selling - Sell More by Helping - Results Guaranteed

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