the 5-step d-T-E-R-M sales method

deliver - Telephone - Email - Repeat - Meet

Here's the Customer Journey

Awareness    >    Understanding    >    Interest    >    Desire    >    Purchase

Here's what you should do...

Awareness    >    Understanding

You CAN control these 2.

So focus on these 2

>    Interest    >    Desire    >    Purchase

You CANNOT control these 3

using the 5-step

d-T-E-R-M sales method

Step 1.            

Hand Deliver information

Hard-Copy gets noticed

Step 2. 

Telephone to Create Awareness

You're a stranger so;

  • Do not sell

  • Ask to email

  • Be authentic and helpful

Step 3.

Email to Create Understanding

  • Short and sweet

  • Clear and comprehensive

  • Linked to website / videos / blog 

Step 4.

Repeat to be remembered

Most buy after 6-12 'contacts'

So follow-up is crucial

You will not annoy because you are helping, educating and entertaining

Step 5.

Meet to build trust

Give them a great reason to meet

  • 5 minute presentation

  • Create a seminar

  • Create a Social Event