Step 1                               


You're a stranger so;

Never try to sell anything. Don't start a conversation. Just ask to email.

Your authentic voice is key

Build rapport 

They cannot buy from you if they don't know you

Awareness secured

Forget about the last 3 steps because you cannot control them. Concentrate on what you can control; awareness and understanding 

Persuasion, trickery and manipulation may get you short term sales, but it comes with 'buyers remorse' - meaning no repeat or referral sales AND you have to constantly find new customers - that's a lot of hard work

the 4-step T-E-R-M methodology

Telephone - Email - Repeat - Meet

Here's a 5 step Customer Journey

Awareness    >    Understanding    >    Interest    >    Desire    >    Purchase

Step 2.                                             


7 - 10 lines long.

Linked to website / videos / blog

Explains who, what, where, when, why and how

Aim to be understood not 'correct'. You only get one shot. Don't blow it by trying to convince, persuade or trick. Don't pretend you're their best friend. 

Understanding secured

Step 3


Most people purchase after 6-12 touches. So follow-up is crucial. You will not be annoying as long as you are helping. Give them information that helps them or their customers solve  problems using education, and entertainment

They'll buy when they're ready

Be remembered

Step 4                                                      


Give them a great reason to meet

  • 5 minute presentation

  • Create a seminar

  • Create a Social Event

Build trust

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