The Art of Conversation

(Talking to Strangers)

Choose your stage;

Stage 1.


'Live street training' In-Person in Brisbane interacting with strangers



James will find out your interests to supply appropriate questions for you to ask and make it easier for you to talk with strangers

Choose your starting level;

  • 1 ask an easy question to a shop assistant

  • 2 ask a deeper question to a shop assistant

  • 3 Random comment to stranger WITH NO engagement

    • "Beautiful day"

  • 4 Random comment to stranger WITH LOW engagement

    • ​"Do you have the time?"

  • 5 MEDIUM engagement

    • "Can I pat your dog?"

  • 6 HIGH engagement

    • asking for directions or advice in a shop

  • 7 HIGH engagement with follow-up questions

    • ​asking for directions or an opinion in a shop

James with be nearby or beside you - your choice

We progress at a pace that you are comfortable with

Stage 2.

  • The Art of Conversation

    • for mutual benefit​

Stage 3.

  • The Art of Deeper Conversation

    • Curiosity, vulnerability and 'flow'​



You will be more confident and engaging in everyday and business conversations (money back guarantee)

Contact James to talk to see if this is a fit for you

All Coaching

$800/1st month then $700 monthly

Pay-as-you-go. No contracts

Satisfaction or your money back

4 sessions monthly. In-Person when possible

All sessions are Live (Not cookie-cutter / pre-recorded)