Sales Speaker

" Sales myths busted ! "

I'll talk to your key stakeholders about their challenges and craft a speech, specifically for them. OR they can choose from the following...

  • Step 1; Don't think or say Dumb Stuff (the pursuit of perfection comes later, a lot later).

  • The truth about confidence and motivation - and how to get it.

  • The importance of rapport (explained with surfing and coffee as examples).

  • Targeting customers - don't get caught up in the spin (MBTIs and Personas).

  • MYTHS Busted;

    • why being nervous and vulnerable is good.

    • the gatekeeper - they're inside the castle, not outside. Don't fight them.

    • value - you don't know what's valuable to them. It's about helping.

    • rejection - there's no such thing. They are just protecting themselves.

    • objections - doesn't happen. If your coffee is bad, do you complain?

    • closing and persuading - it's not the 1980's anymore. It's about helping.

    • qualifying - tread carefully. Would you like to be qualified?

  • Phone Marketing - A Crash Course. Replacing fear with systems .

  • Sales and marketing books. The good the bad and the ugly.

  • How to sell with service and systems. Big v's Small Business.

Text or email, "I'm interested in Sales Speaker" to James