Sales Process for CEOs



  • How will your salespeople talk to your prospects? Will they dilute your Brand by sounding too desperate or too lazy? How is this avoided?

  • Should you do all the selling 'organically'? Will you grow fast enough?

  • Should you hire an Interim Sales Manager, until one of your salespeople steps-up?

  • How to keep / reward staff?


The '4 step' method tailored to your culture and customers because your unique company culture is the key to your success


You will understand

  • WHO should be selling

  • WHAT the sales process looks like and

  • HOW it will be done 

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20 minutes. Telephone

for 5 minutes about Seinfeld, Surfing, Movies or Music (to know the real you). Then Challenges and Solutions


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One Session

In-Person is best / or phone

You'll understand how the 4 Step Method can be applied to your service to increase sales


Upward Curve


In-Person then phone

4 sessions. No 3/6/12 month lock-ins.

No contracts or worksheets