3. Sales Seminar

"Sales and Marketing. What they don't tell you"

2 hour, Crash Course. 2023 launch


Text or email, "I'm interested in Sales Seminar" to me, and keep you notified about the seminar launch


  • Confidence and Motivation - the easy way to get it

  • Why...

    • being nervous and vulnerable is OK

    • 'helping' beats creating 'value'

    • there's no such thing as a 'gatekeeper'

  • The importance of rapport

  • Targeting customers - don't get caught up in the spin (MBTIs and Personas)

  • The truth about 'rejection' and why 'objections' are good

  • Your customers don't care - and why it doesn't matter

  • Don't do or say Dum Stuff (Qualifying and Closing)

  • Phone Marketing - A Crash Course. Replacing fear with systems 

  • Sales and Marketing, self-education. What to avoid

  • How to sell with Service and Systems

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