Persuading, tricks and pushy tactics don't work.

Creating great Customer Experiences should be your focus
However it doesn't start with your customers.

It starts with YOU being easy to Understand and Buy

  • Easy to understand - from the customers perspective

    • Answer all these questions in your website - Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? and How Much? 

    • People do not trust the internet or websites. However, they want to trust you. So make it easy for them with; photos of you, insightful content and be easy to contact

    • Your ABOUT ME page is more popular than you think. Because before they trust your product or service, they need to trust you.

  • Easy to buy (reduced risk)  - from the customers perspective

    • Guarantees; “Try it for XX days. Any problems and we will replace / fix / refund your money.” OR “We guarantee to respond to your Email in 2 hours and respond to Phone Calls immediately or it’s 20% off your Bill.” If that’s your usual response-time, then why not Lock-It-In as a GUARANTEE and increase sales!​​

    • Social Proof; Case Studies, Testimonials and Reviews


  • If you sell a product, provide a service, your competitors don't

    • "Delivered in 1 hour or it's free"​

  • If you sell a service, 'package' it like a product, your competitors won't

    • with a package the customer gets a result, not just your time​

  • It doesn't matter if you are B2B or B2C, both sell to people not companies

Generally speaking, SEO might be worth it and Social Media rarely is; unless you have genuine, valuable conversations.

Then, if they find you, through all 'the noise', they may still fear contacting you because;

  1. they don't want to be ignored (no return email / call / post)

  2. they don't want to be rejected ("No we don't sell that!")

  3. they don't think you will understand them (the #1 complaint)

  4. or they don't know what to ask

This is why reaching-out, to inform your target market is more important

and the most cost-effective way to begin is Business 2 Business cold-calling

B2B cold-calling is;

  • not - selling or being pushy, tricky or desperate

  • targeted, curious and always helpful with follow-up to build trust

  • also - Market Research and surveys to discover customer needs

B2B cold-calling is also possible for B2C businesses; here's 2 examples

  1. A Cake Shop phones local offices and speaks to the Social Club Organiser.

  2. A Surf Shop phones local offices and speaks to HR to sell surfing lessons as Team Building

B2B cold-calling can be initiated 2 ways;

  1. by telephone (with an email)

  2. or a delivery (hard-copy cuts through the noise)

see dTERM below

Why should you B2B cold-call?

  1. If they haven't heard about you they cannot buy from you

  2. If you take the initiative, they know you're keen

  3. It's personal, not digital

  4. You'll stand-out because your competition won't do it

  5. It's free and easy if you use the dTERM system, see below

  6. If they contact you first; you're on a list (with your competitors)

  7. If you can conquer cold-calling everything else is easy


Most people buy through repeated suggestion (follow-up). You will succeed, as long as you don't make them feel uncomfortable or say 'dum stuff'.

When you cold-call

  • you're first call is almost irrelevant

    • you're just setting up the next call (one-off calls are for dodgy telemarketers)​

  • you probably won't need to have a conversation

    • because of voicemail and prospects not wanting a conversation - making it even easier​

  • it doesn't matter if they are 'not interested'

    • I'm not interested in groceries, but I buy them

    • if they are interested they won't say it because you're a stranger

    • how could they be interested without the details (in an email)

  • you don't need 'interest'. you want to know if they are a 'fit'

  • objections are good

    • solve their problem and you'll have a customer for life​

  • understand 'rejection' is a myth

    • they're just 'protecting' themselves​

  • you're not looking for int

  • you just need a simple system (see dTERM below) and someone in your corner, that's me


James Haldane

Selling by Helping since 2001