Free Coaching

  • Contact James to book a time to talk in the morning for a free short session

  • We'll talk about your strengths. And your challenges and what you have tried so far to solve them. Then I'll give you solutions

  • You won't be asked personal questions and I won't push you to buy anything

  • You may be able to solve your challenges in this free session, and that's OK with me, because I'll ask you for a review

Single Session

  • 'Test the waters' with a single session - $250

  • We can also do a 'Walk n Talk' if that suits

  • I won't try and sell you anything and there's no obligation to continue


  • $800 - 1st month. Then $700 monthly

  • No 3/6/12 month lock-ins. No contracts. No worksheets

  • 4 live sessions monthly. In-Person where possible

  • You'll be more than satisfied and enjoy it, or your money back

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