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Writing Tips. 6 common mistakes (and solutions)

Problem - Telling them what YOU want them to know Solution - Find out what THEY want to know and solve problems

Problem - Wishy-Washy Guarantees Solution - “We guarantee to respond in 2 hours (Email) and immediately (Calls) or it’s 20% off your monthly Bill.” Now THAT’S a Guarantee

Problem - Difficult to read, endless paragraphs Solution - Use a number in the title. E.g. “7 ways to warm-up before a Surf.” Then the reader can scroll past the warm-ups they already know

Problem - Corporate Speak. E.g. “Leveraging multiple vehicles of communication.” Really?! Solution - Make it Simple. “Trying different ways to contact people” sounds better

Problem - Hype. E.g. “We are the Best / Premier / Award Winning / Exceptional” Solution - Make your customer feel good, instead of making yourself feel good

Problem - Too many long words Solution - Assistance – Help. Frequently – Often. Constructed – Built. Demonstrate – Show

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