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Websites, Emails and Ancient Rome

Updated: Aug 7, 2020


Your website is an Anchor in a rough ocean of Information Overload. It’s an overview of what you do, how you do it, who you are, where you are and your uniqueness. It’s easy to read, and shows people an easy pathway to purchase.

Websites start with Design then Usability, Information Architecture then Words are added last. Unfortunately words are not always given the importance they require. Don’t let this happen to you. And make sure they reflect ‘your voice’ and style, not a wishy-washy professionalism.

Trust People do not trust the internet or websites. However, they want to trust you. So make it easy for them by using photos (of you, not models), valuable content and information about yourself. Because before they trust your product or service, they need to trust you.

Websites are an Advertisement, for your Business. Plan the sale, when you write the Advertisement.

Graphic Design

The purpose of hiring a Graphic Designer is to help your audience understand your message. Not to win them a Graphic Design award, by building a hard to use website. (Yes, I learnt the hard way). And not to overpower your message with 'design'


Here's the best Subject line

Group Name. How can we help? First way, second way and third way

Here’s the 3 best Opening Lines for first contact

1. Hi xxxx. We just spoke on the phone. Here is…

2. Hi xxxx. I just left a message on your phone. Here is…

3. Hi xxxx. I just spoke to xxxxx, she recommended I email you about…

Why are they the best?

Because now your Email will be opened, read and taken seriously

You’re a Stand Out.

Graphics are not essential. Design can mean just playing with word formating

such as;




font size


  • bullets

Links and White Space

Automated Emails

Beware of automation. If your gathering emails, just to throw words at people it could backfire. Is the message valuable? Who is determining 'value'? This is where Small Business can Power Up by personalizing emails (phone/email combo). Big Business can 'segment' their customers, but that’s as far as they can go

It’s about the message, not technology Finding quality information to include is a difficult task. If you constantly produce ‘dodgy’ writing, it could harm your brand. Less is More

NoReply Emails

Sent by Big Businesses (and silly small businesses) that want to TALK AT you. And don’t want you to ‘talk back’. Small Businesses can excel with Email, by talking WITH people and creating authentic relationships.


When we subscribe to a website we receive; newsletters They’re a brilliant way to stay in touch with people.

Newsletters were the original form of newspapers. In Ancient Rome newsletters were carved in wood or metal and posted in public places.

The great thing about newsletters is that most of the articles don’t have to be great or even good. As long as the reader can scan it, in 10 seconds or less, they won’t unsubscribe. Because they know they'll get some good articles eventually and it only costs then 10 seconds a week. Brilliant !

Formatting Have 3 to 5 stories Scannable headlines in bold with 1 to 3 explanatory lines under it

Fancy design is not necessary, value is key

Beware! If your newsletter becomes too 'salesy', people will unsubscribe. If you recommend a product (e.g. software) as super easy to use, you may, be forgiven once.

Coffee Cups are super easy to use. Software is not.

Have Fun !

Newsletters don’t only have to be about business. If you could produce a quality, Fun things to do this weekend newsletter, it’s value could be immense. Any type of Business could produce this. Why? Because everyone wants to do fun things this weekend! It's not Rocket Science, people know you are trying to 'sell', so don't Every 4th Newsletter could simply be a Joke. They know who you are, they just need a reminder. But remember, the funny thing about Jokes is, umm, they have to be funny.

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