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Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Wordpress, Wix or Squarespace? or ...

I found WordPress too difficult to maintain

I paid to have one built for me. Then, small changes were easy but bigger changes not so easy because I needed to use coding.

Wordpress is sort-of free

You buy parts of it and other parts are free (I'm not a techy). And some of those parts need to be 'maintained'. All in all, I found it too diffficult

So I researched Wix and Squarespace

and Wix came out slightly ahead.

Currently my Wix website (you're looking at it) costs me $1AUD a day (this covers hosting, lots of articles when you get stuck and an proper business email address through google) but Wix doesn't support '', (update-they do now)

I found Wix relatively easy to use, however...

However, I do have some basic graphic design experience - there's always drama though. For example the mobile site version doesn't look exactly the same (you have to do some 'tidying up', not a big issue).

If you're not committed to learning some design fundamentals I wouldn't recommend making your own site. You can pay a Wix affiliate (a website designer that specialises in building Wix sites) to make a website for you (they are listed on the Wix website) from memory it was $500 - $1000.

Their 'stock images' / photos are all very American / Euro also - not a big problem.

All-in-all I'm happy with Wix. There is something very fulfilling about building and controlling your own website.

Wix and others also have a Free Site Builder option.

I've seen one and it looked OK. The catch they have their name in your web address. So instead of it would be Is this unprofessional? Maybe it is. But a free site with great content and easy to use beats an expensive site that's garbage. Maybe start with a free one and upgrade when you want to

Should you hire a Graphic Designer.

I did this 3 times.

The first one made me a beautiful site. But my clients found it hard to use. He won a design award for it. That didn't help me though. I met this guy through a friend, so I thought it was cool. NOT

Second guy - same thing

The third guy over charged me (I worked that out later). And when I needed help, he would take 1 week to answer my emails and wasn't very helpful. I just assumed he would be cool to answer simple emails every couple of months - NOT. And then he quit being a graphic designer, so no more help. But 1 year later he was a designer again. Mmm

So I suppose a good question to ask would be. "What happens after I've paid you?"

You really want someone that's on your team in a business sense

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