Selling at Markets

Updated: Jan 2

How to Sell at Markets

The 3 second rule

That's how long you have to create interest.

So most stall holders try to cram lots into their stall. Bad move, as this will overload shoppers senses in an already overloaded area.

Instead do the opposite - Have 3 different items, then group similar items behind them. Think of luxury brands like a Gucci shop window, where you will only see one item.

You could also have 3 prices and group items under 3 price signs. Making your stall easy to understand and buy from.

Example - Honey Stall

There's 3 types so have 3 triangles or 3 pyramids of jars (with a few jars in each) clearly signed and priced (hire an artist). Have your origin story displayed at each end of the table. Who, what, when, where, why, how, how much? Elevate everything closer to eye height.

What seems OBVIOUS to you IS NOT obvious to the strollers. E.g. if it's made in Australia SAY SO. Where in Australia? Can we visit? Have an open house 4 times a year. If nobody comes - so what. Offering a visit builds TRUST.

The customer doesn't want to step within 1 metre of your table because that signals a possible intention to buy = STRESS. This is where SIGNS are SO important. SIGNS CREATE CONNECTION but from a distance. Signs allow people to stand away from the 'stress zone' and read, in their space, to understand.

Don't sit at your table as people will find it to intimidating to approach the table . Sit 1 or even 2 metres back and be facing left or right. Then people will hover over your table. And don't stare or start talking straight away (it's too intimidating) - LET THEM SOAK IT IN.

When they touch or look longingly at an item, stay seated (non-confronting) and say something important about it, then be silent and wait for them to talk. If they engage you then you can approach with a conversation. And stay relaxed with your words and body language.

Don't ...

  • Sell - that's 1 sale. (You want 7 sales - from a relationship)

  • 'Square off' in front of them. ('Angle' yourself, stand off to the side or be seated).

  • Fall silent or rattle of facts - find the balance.

  • Let them leave empty handed (offer printed material).

Case Study - Flower Stall

Signs should be read from 2+ metres away. And if it's not obvious signs should answer the following questions;

  • Price? Can you group the bunches into 3 or 4 prices.

  • How may flowers do I get for that price?

  • Do you wrap? paper choice? ribbon? Stay-fresh powder? free?

  • Do you grow them? (an ORIGIN story to tell you friends).

  • Takeaway printed material.

  • Can I pay now and pick up later?

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