Sales Process, Pros and Cons

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

The Pros

Getting stuff done is easier with a system. The PROS are easy to find (on the internet). So instead let's focus on the CONS.

The Cons of using a typical 5 Step Sales Process

Step 1. Prospecting

If you annoy someone they will remember you as annoying FOREVER. So don't annoy people when prospecting. Meaning avoid selling, pitching and and manipulating. Just have-a-chat and see where it goes and stay in touch

Step 2. Qualifying

B.A.N.T. is a typical qualifying tool. Meaning you ask the prospect is they have the Budget, Authority, Need and (is it the right) Time

Budget - do they have enough money?

  1. You're trying to find out if they have enough money. How would YOU feel if someone was doing that to you?

  2. Next month they may have more money (but you've already qualified them OUT)

  3. Next month your price could drop (but you've already qualified them OUT)

  4. Maybe your price could drop for a huge order?

  5. Maybe your price could drop to attract a different Industry sector that you are targeting?

Authority - are they the 'boss'?

  1. You may never REALLY know who has power and influence

  2. Power and influence can change over time