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The downside of Sales Methods

Updated: 4 days ago

Here's a typical 5 Step Sales Process

Step 1. Prospecting

If you annoy someone they will remember you as annoying FOREVER. So don't annoy people when prospecting. Avoid selling, pitching and and manipulating. Just introduce your business, see where it goes and stay in touch.

Step 2. Qualifying

B.A.N.T. is a typical qualifying tool. Meaning you ask the prospect is they have the Budget, Authority, Need and (is it the right) Time. Let's look at each one...

Budget - do they have enough money?

  1. You're trying to find out if they have enough money. How would YOU feel if someone was doing that to you?

  2. Next month they may have more money (but you've already qualified them OUT).

  3. Next month your price could drop (but you've already qualified them OUT).

  4. Maybe your price could drop for a huge order?

  5. Maybe your price could drop to attract a different Industry sector that you want in your portfolio?

Authority - are they 'the boss'?

  1. You may never REALLY know who has power and influence.

  2. Power and influence can change over time.

  3. Maybe you should target the 'end users' and they will convince 'the boss' for you?


  1. They say,"Now is not the right time." Great, follow up


  1. If they need what you're selling, they probably won't tell you.

  2. Needs change over time.

Summary - many prospects will qualify, over time, if you put the effort in

Step 3. Pitching / Presenting

  1. You present what YOU see as 'value', not what they see as value.

  2. You don't do a quick intro of YOU and your Business (who, what, when, where, why, how and how much).

  3. You didn't research their business.

  4. You fluff about.

  5. You sidestep questions.

  6. You don't follow-up.

Step 4. Objections

There's no such thing. It's just a business discussion. If someone says you are too expensive, simply ask them, "in comparison to who?".

However if they can justify it, research it and call back

  • If they are 'wrong' call them and calmly explain why, with facts (You're integrity could swing them).

  • If they are right, they're smart, and have done you a favor. Thank them and keep them close.

Step 5. Closing

How would you like to be 'closed'?

If long-term repeat-sales are the goal, then you should be planning the second-sale when you talk to a prospect, which means you should be constantly HELPING not closing

If you try to close someone, they might see the Dollar Signs flash up in your eyes (like in those old cartoons). You won't see it. They will. Be careful.

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