Retail's inthedetail baby

Updated: Jan 14

Service = staff - they either know how to serve (=repeat business + reviews = $)

or they don't, and we know how that ends ....

The solution - HIRE the right staff. How? Ask them ambiguous questions in the interview. 3 fav bands? 3 fav countries to go to? what coffee, cocktail, dish are they nuts about? (If you ask me I'm straight in with Pasta Putanesca OH YEAAAAHHH and a Margarita - Lemon squeezed now, half rim salted (to regulate intake) and a Sydney Opera House wedge garnish, not a wheel - coz I'm trippy like that). Ambiguous questions are important because Hospitality is about HOW :-) :-( :-l you handle ambiguous questions (those waAaAaAAAAcky customers). Mmmm who handles ambiguity well ..

How do you feeeeeel when interviewing staff (if you don't, feel) time to let one of those 'weirdos' do it for you, (yeah one of those quiet ones with the funny clothes)

Cultural fit is important. If the applicants fav tunes are German and Italian Techno that's cool for Valley Vampires but for the Saturday brekkie scene with oldies (scouring The Australian for wispers of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Kerouac and Morrison) - mmm NOT SO GOOD. Attracting people means playing the music that will bring them back. Business slow - ROCK that lonely table - Give them 3 genres of music and ask them to pick 1, they'll be stoked. "Hey do you remember that place we went to in Brisbane 5 years ago where they asked ..."

Retail's in the detail, baby Oh and that guy over 40 that smiled at you and starts a conversation, it's what people used to do back-in-the-day. You can brush him off if you like (Hello not so jolly bar in the valley). But if you have a REAL conversation he'll probably tell everyone forever how good your bar/cafe/restaurant is and ... OOOPS sorry I forgot, staff are paid by the hour (no incentives) so friendly service means repeat business means more work for the same money. So ... if you're unfriendly ... or provide just the bare minimum you get to do less work - EXCELLENT DUDE

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