Phone scripts - be an expert

Updated: 4 days ago

Phone Scripts allow you quickly and accurately, explain anything like an expert.

And customers like talking with experts. If the customer sees you as an expert they will allow you to ask them questions. Questioning to uncover problems is key

You won't sound like a robot if you make the words your own

There are many ways to-

  • Promote

  • Ask the customer a question

  • Answer a customers question

A Phone Script is the best way to do all of these.

Which one of these statements from a Designer sounds better

Unscripted - "yeah we can get together and talk about what you want, sketch it up and make something"


Scripted - "We build with you, from concept to creation"

So why aren’t Scripts used more often?

  1. Because Scripts require preparation and lazy people like to 'wing-it'