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Phone Scripts (shhh! don't tell the competition)

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Phone Scripts allow you to explain; quickly and accurately, like an expert. Customers like talking with experts

There are many ways to-

  • Promote

  • Ask the customer a question

  • Answer a customers question

A Phone Script is the best way to do all of these.

Which one of these statements sounds better

Unscripted - "yeah we can get together and talk about what you want, sketch it up and make something"


Scripted - "We design from concept to creation"

So why aren’t Scripts used more often?

  1. Because Scripts require Work (Pre-Planning) and we know how humans feel about work

  2. Because scripts have been given a bad name by dodgy telemarketers when they read scripts word-for-word like a robot Phone Scripts are a guide. Movie Scripts are read word-for-word

  3. Because most Salespeople think it’s easier to guess answers and ignore questions

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