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How to call-back. Warm Calling. Timetable and example

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

If a prospect contacts you, calling them back is called a 'warm call', so it’s OK to leave multiple Voice Mail Messages when you call back; as long as your messages are ‘valuable’ E.g. offering insights, case studies and industry news…A continuous callback plan is essential.

Most salespeople make the mistake of only calling back once.

You cannot be annoying if you are constantly helping the prospect

Your follow-up objective is to talk with them, at least once.

Until you talk, there is no relationship

Your TONE is very important. You must sound like someone they want to talk to. Talk like you just met them at a party. NOT like you have 10 callbacks to rush through, before lunch

Don't ask them to do anything, they know they can call you back, they know your contact details, they know about your business - remember, they contacted you first

In this example the prospect never answers their phone. And that's OK because I've had plenty of people buy from me, that I've never spoken to. They purchased because I was persistently helpful

Here’s an example of a follow-up / callback timetable

A more detailed plan will depend on how / why they contacted you and who / where they are.

Timetable; Let’s start in January to make it easy.


week 1 - Monday, return phone call to explain how you can help, then email

week 1 - Wednesday, phone again

from now on make it easy for them to opt-out

week 2 - do not phone

week 3 - phone

week 4 - do not phone


week 1 - phone and explain how you can help in a different way, then email

week 2 - do not phone

week 3 - phone an explain how you can help in a different way


do not phone


phone an explain how you can help in a different way, then email

then call/email in July and October

then call/email every year

If you think this is too pushy, you either;

  1. shouldn't be in sales

  2. or don't know how to really HELP others

  3. or aren't good at having conversations

What to say on a Warm Call ...

When you reach them on a Warm Call (you are returning the call)

it's vital to be warm and professional

The customer picks up the phone and says – Hello?

Hello, James calling from ABC Software. (Do not lead with, "is that David?"). You are a stranger to this customer, announcing your name and company helps place the customer at ease. If you don't announce yourself the customer will feel nervous about who is calling. This is unacceptable. Is that David? Yes.

Hi David, I’m calling about the inquiry you made on our website a couple of minutes ago. You have just answered all the What, Who, Where, When and Why questions that are buzzing around in his mind and placed him at ease. Do not assume they know why you are calling.

Is this a good time to talk? You are asking permission for their time, a respectful request that places the customer at ease.

No. No problem David. Places the customer at ease. What are some good times to call back? Do not ask for a specific time, nobody likes to be locked-in. Calling back is a positive, relationship building technique, as trust is built over time. Commit to call-back in a positive and friendly manner. Respectful conversations build trust.

Weekday mornings between 7 and 9. Great David (be positive and upbeat). I’ll call you back soon. Have a good day.

Never hang up first. Wait until they hang up

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