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Telephone Cold Calling, Flip the Program.

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

A Cold Call should never be used to Sell anything.

Nobody in the known universe has a voice like yours. You are unique. So pick-up-the-phone. Let’s hear your voice!

Cold Calling is signalling to others you are keen to get more clients

The truth is, there are a lot of businesses that don't REALLY care if you buy from them or not. If you cold-call you are NOT one of these lazy businesses You are doing other businesses a favour when you call and email with educational material. You have established contact. Eventually they will need your product. You have saved them time, because now, the prospect doesn't have to – 

  1. research a list of suppliers (including you)

  2. trawl through all that website fluff

  3. review random emails

  4. leave messages and get no call-back

  5. talk to a reactive salesperson 

  6. baby-sit a salesperson through the sale

  7. jump through hoops to get service

You have saved them all that drama, because you had the grit to simply pick-up-the-phone and say, “Hi …”

What to say? Use ready made questions and answers because people like efficiency.

How to say it? Slowly and clearly because everyone explains and understands differently.

Why use it? Because it’s the most cost-effective marketing tool, especially with Social Distancing.

Who should master it? You. Otherwise it’s like going for a Surf without knowing how to swim.

What’s next to it? A big pad and pen.

When to use it? Business Hours.

What not to do Purchase Lists. You’re smart, you know your target market.

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