Writing Online-Form beats Content?

Updated: Jun 14

Reading online is different to reading a book.

Format is more important then content (yes I said it) when reading online because a great article written in flowing sentences, without breaks, makes it hard to read. This 'great article', won’t get read as much as an average article, that’s easy to read…

Make it Easy to Read (because Readers ‘scan’ online, they don’t ‘read’)

Here's how...

o Use numbers. '7 ways to...' is be better than 'How to...'

o Short n Sweet. ‘Chunk’ it out

o Lots of White Space

o Headings and Subheadings

o Bolding

o Bullet points

Be understood and useful Don’t get caught up in appealing to peoples emotions and impressing people.

Concentrate on the fundamentals. Make it useful, because if you’re too Salsey or Fluffy, they’ll leave

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