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‘Follow-Up’ (after they contact you)

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

If a prospect contacts you with a specific request, it’s OK to leave multiple Voice Mail Messages when you call back; as long as your messages are ‘valuable’ E.g. offering insights, case studies and industry news…

Your follow-up objective is to talk with them, at least once. Until you talk, there is no relationship

Here’s an example of a follow-up Plan A more detailed plan will depend on how / why they contacted you and who / where they are. Let’s start in January to make it easy.


week 1 - return phone call to explain how you can help, then email

week 3 - phone again, if week 1 was a voicemail


week 2 - phone an explain how you can help in a different way, then email

Then phone/email in March, June, Sept and Dec

Trust is built over time, there is no short cut

If you think this is too pushy, it's because you don't believe you are helping them

You either need to learn how to help or stop selling

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