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‘Follow-Up’ (the secret ingredient)

Updated: Sep 7

If a prospect contacts you with a specific request, it’s OK to leave multiple Voice Mail Messages when you call back; as long as your messages are ‘valuable’ E.g. offering insights, case studies and industry news…

Your Follow-Up objective is to talk with them, at least once. Until you talk, there is no relationship

Here’s an example of a Follow-up Plan A more detailed plan will depend on how / why they contacted you and who / where they are. Let’s start in January to make it easy.


week 1 - phone an explain how you can help, then email

week 3 - phone again, if week 1 was a voicemail


week 2 - phone an explain how you can help in a different way, then email

Then phone/email in March, June, Sept and Dec

Trust is built over time, there is no short cut

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