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Don’t get Hung Up on Qualifying (pardon the pun)

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

B.A.N.T. is a method used to 'qualify' prospects (find out if strangers can buy from you)

· Budget - Can they afford it?

· Authority - Can this person ‘sign the contract’?

· Need - Do they need it or are they a student / professor / competitor just ‘fishing’ for information?

· Timing - Are they ready to buy?

Tread carefully. Some people don’t like to be ‘Qualified’.

Imagine you're at a party and someone talks to you for a few minutes then leaves. Later you realise they were only chatting, to see if you were 'useful' to them - how would you feel?

So let’s look at Qualifying form a different perspective…

Examples of why Qualifying is not as important as you may think

Budget…They can't afford it

  • But maybe next month/year they can


  • Next year your price decreases

  • Your large 'upfront fees' could drop to cheap monthly subscriptions

  • Reducing your price is a good strategy to get your ‘foot in the door’ of an industry you are trying to break into

Authority - only talking to the 'boss'

  • To Pitch to the Boss, it may be essential to Pitch to the 'assistant' first

  • You don’t know how much influence the assistant has

  • Asking “is there anyone else you work with to purchase?” is better than a confronting question like “Are you the decision maker?”

  • Saying you will only Pitch if the Decision Maker is there could be seen as ‘talking down’ to the assistant. Be careful. Be respectful

Timing. Funny thing about time - it's always changing

  • If you offer a solution and constantly follow-up, then you’re always Top of Mind. So timing becomes less important


  • This is the most important aspect of Qualifying. How badly do they need it? Have they budgeted for it? Are other departments / people involved in the decision process? Can you Present to them too?

  • And sometimes they will never tell you. Continuous promotion and follow-up solves this problem

  • Can you RE-FRAME their need?

Questions - Contact James to continue the discussion..

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