Case Study. Retail. ‘Suggestion’ and ‘Theatrical’ Marketing

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Challenge Customers asking for discount (Haggling over price).

Solution Holiday Vouchers used as an incentive if customers pay full price.

Further Challenge Retail sales staff, saw Vouchers as a useless ‘gimmick’ and did not offer them to customers. Resulting in some customers returning to the store upset about not getting Vouchers.

Action Two Marketing Tactics used… 1. Suggestion Marketing When customers start to Haggle staff simply said.. “If I discount the price you can’t get the Holiday Vouchers, it that OK with you?”

2. Theatrical Marketing (1) A multitude of Tropical Holiday Posters (palm trees and beaches)

(2) An actual Beach Scene in-store with deck chairs, sand, beach umbrella…

(3) Staff wearing Hawaiian Shirts and Lays

(4) Under-performing stores shown photos of successful ‘dressed’ stores as Social Proof


  1. Promotion grew organically through word-of-mouth marketing

  2. More customers assumed the promotion was legitimate

  3. Meaning less customers asked for a discount

  4. Result; Revenue Increased

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