Cold-calling, in-person case-study

Updated: Jan 14

Strategy Plan for Professional Services Business

Face to Face Cold Calling. 3 phase plan

This example - An Employment Agency

Challenge To continually increase the amount of Job Vacancies from local employers.

Action 3 phase, Sales and Marketing Plan, designed and implemented.


  • Doubled revenue in 12 months

  • Awarded 3rd best branch nationwide (initial ranking of 113 of 120).

  • 3 Phase Plan then used as Blueprint for statewide Sales Training

Phase 1. In a Digital Age, hard-copies hand delivered ‘cuts through’ Branded Presentation Folder contains 3 hard-copies; (1) Letter, listing all services, (large type in Plain English) (2) Brochure. (3) Call To Action form (also available on website)

All local businesses will eventually require staff, meaning they are 'primary targets' so its worth the cost of the folder. If they were 'secondary targets' a letter would suffice

*Folder delivered to targeted local businesses. Persons name recorded for follow-up *Always be friendly, courteous and smile

*Do not engage in conversation to avoid feelings of awkwardness

As this is a Professional Services Business the mode of communication is Education (friendly but serious). However, your business could also use Entertainment. E.g. dress-up as a character that reflects your brand and have fun with it. Hire an Actor to accompany you?

Phase 2. Follow-up phone call 2 days later - ask to re-visit

  • When you visit – do not talk about your services. Listen and ask questions about their Business. When they need staff, say, “I can have 3 ready to be interviewed by you, at my office in 5 days time”. (see First Call Resolution article)

  • Unable to Visit – Most will not want you to visit, but your offer, reinforces your grit and professionalism. Stay Top-of-Mind and call-back every 3 months with valuable info (see below)

  • No conversation. That's OK. They still appreciate your help. They just don't have a need for you ... yet.

Phase 3. (Final phase) Constant helpful follow-up (1) Advising about government monies for staff training (2) Create and deliver a local business directory. Highlighting their Niche (3) Deliver an Industry specific article (4) Offer a free Interview Room

The above ‘system’ involves building relationships, not selling and relies upon constantly realigning your internal work practices to serve all your stakeholders. Failing to do this, produces ‘Policy and Procedure Creep’ – alienating your clients and strangling your revenue growth.

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