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Cold-calling, in-person.

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Phase 1. In a Digital Age, hard-copies, hand delivered, stand out


A letter, listing all services, (large type in Plain English)

OPTION 2 A 'Presentation Folder' containing 3 hard-copies. (1) Letter (as above) (2) Flyer / Case Study / Article (3) Call To Action form - next step (also available on website)

These Presentation Folders are inexpensive thin white cardboard folders that cradle/hold papers and a business card. They can be 'branded' (printed on). They influence the customer to 'start an account' with you. They have more chance of being kept, filed and found by others (internal marketing)

  • Deliver option 1 or 2 to targeted local businesses. Record name of recipient

  • Smile

  • Do not engage in conversation to avoid feelings of awkwardness. The conversation comes later with follow-up because trust is built over time

Could you use Entertainment? E.g. dress-up as a character that reflects your brand and have fun with it? Hire an Actor to accompany you?

Phase 2. Follow-up phone call 2 days later

"Hi I dropped off a folder / letter on Tuesday morning to XXX about my local XXXX business. Did you get a chance to look at it?"

Only try to engage if they do first. Don't push for a next step or outcome

Phase 3. (Final phase) Constant helpful follow-up. Every 6 / 12 months

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