Case Study. Face to Face Cold Calling.

Updated: May 2

Strategy Plan for Professional Services Business

Face to Face Cold Calling. 3 phase plan

This example - An Employment Agency

Challenge To continually increase the amount of Job Vacancies from local employers.

Action 3 phase, Sales and Marketing Plan, designed and implemented.


  • Doubled revenue in 12 months

  • Awarded 3rd best branch nationwide (initial ranking of 113 of 120).

  • 3 Phase Plan then used as Blueprint for statewide Sales Training

Phase 1. In a Digital Age, hard-copies achieve ‘cut through’ Hand deliver Branded Presentation Folder to all local businesses, containing; (1) Letter, listing all services, (large type in Plain English) (2) Brochure. (3) Call To Action form (available on website) Name of the recipient (contact) recorded for follow-up Always be friendly, courteous and smile

Do not engage in conversation (unless engaged by recipient) to avoid feelings of awkwardness

Phase 2. Follow-up phone call to your Contact. 2 days later

  • When you visit – do not talk about your services. Listen and ask questions about their Business. When they need staff, say, “I can have 3 ready to be interviewed by you, at my office in 5 days time”. (see First Call Resolution article)

  • Unable to Visit – speak to your Contact and Call Back every 3 months.

  • When Job Vacancy received, thank them and request a site visit (to understand their workplace culture). Most will not want you to visit, but your offer, reinforces your grit and professionalism.

Phase 3. (Final phase) Constant helpful follow-up (1) Advising about government monies for staff training (2) Create and deliver a local business directory. Highlighting their Niche (3) Deliver an Industry specific article (4) Offer a free Interview Room

The above ‘System’ involves building relationships, not Selling.

NOTE – the above system will only work if you constantly realign your internal work practices to serve your all your stakeholders. Failing to do this produces ‘Policy and Procedure Creep’ – alienating your clients and strangling your revenue growth.

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