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Are Salespeople time-wasters

It's like anything.

If you want to hire staff you can DIY or get a recruiter

If you want to sell a house you can DIY or get an agent.

If you want a burger you can walk or get it delivered cold

You Business may not need a salesperson but are you prepared to DIY?

Most people aren't, and they are probably the

same people that should do their own selling, but they don't know how

So when a salesperson is hired one of 2 things usually happens;

  1. Salesperson gets thrown in the 'deep end' and they wait to see what happens (sink or swim), without making them 'a part of the family'. So then the sales person tries to decrease their workload (not do much) and keep their job - it's human nature

  2. Salesperson sells a lot (salesperson is rewarded), meaning everyone's workload doubles (not rewarded). What happens next? You tell me

Solution - plan to avoid 1 and 2 before you hire, or hire James to help you DIY

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