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6 reasons to cold-call

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Cold calling get your business known

If they’re not aware of you, they cannot buy from you. Simple truths are sometimes the most beautiful. If someone has not heard of you there is a 0% chance they can buy from you, not 3 or 2 or 1% ... 0%! If you tell someone about your business, then there's a chance they can buy. It's that simple. And the more you help / remind them, the more chance they'll buy. Cold-call then email them so they have you 'on file'.

Cold calling means you are serious about sales

The truth is, there are a lot of businesses that don't REALLY care if you buy from them or not. If it's an easy sale, yes of course they'll take your money. But if they have to WORK FOR IT...maybe that's a different story. If you push through your fear and cold-call another business they know you're serious about wanting to do business

Cold calling attracts new customers.

And you constantly need new customers to replace customers that leave, because of… a) new procurement practices b) digital disruption c) offshoring d) new government regulations

Cold calling makes you stand out,

because your competitors won’t do it.

Cold calling develops confidence

Once you have conquered cold-calling, all phone conversations are easier.

Cold calling means your customer won't need to research

If you don’t cold-call and the customer calls you, it’s because they’re in research phase (meaning, you’re 1 of many on their list). If you cold-call them now, they may not need a list.

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