Phone cold-calling explained

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The Human Voice with the telephone is the most Cost-Effective way to promote, if used correctly

Effective cold-calling IS NOT...

  • Phoning once or twice

  • Selling

  • or being Pushy / Persuading

  • or calling people at Home

Cold Calling DOES NOT have to involve

  • a conversation

  • them being interested (you buy groceries, are you interested in groceries?)

IT IS Simply Targeting, Informing and Reminding in a Helpful way

There's 2 ways to do it; In-Person or Telephone and ANYONE can do it

7 reasons to cold-call

  1. If they’re not aware of you, they cannot buy from you. This is beautiful. Simple truths are sometimes the most beautiful. If someone HAS NOT heard of you there is a 0% chance they can buy from you, not 3 or 2 or 1% ... 0%! IF you tell someone about your Business there is a chance they can buy. And the more you help / remind them, the more that chance increases. Cold-calling then emailing, is even better

  2. It proves you want their business. The truth is, there are a lot of businesses that don't REALLY care if you buy from them or not.

  3. It attracts new customers. And you constantly need new customers to replace customers that leave, because of… a) new procurement practices b) Digital Disruption c) offshoring d) new government regulations

  4. You’ll Stand Out, because your competitors won’t do it

  5. Once you’ve conquered cold-calling, all conversations are easier

  6. If you don’t cold-call and the customer calls you, it’s because they’re in research phase (meaning, you’re 1 of many on their list). If you cold-call now, they don't need a list

How to Cold-call

NOTE: If you email first, then phone, you have something to talk about.

Commit to calling multiple times before you start

Cold-calling is not a linear process; there's many twists and turns

You are always seeking a reason to call again

  • Have a Pen and Pad. Write and record everything

  • Target, so you know there's a fair chance they'll be interested.

  • Start Strong. Speaking slowly, clearly and courteously at all times.

  • Never sell

  • Only engage if they want to engage.

  • You're asking for help, or, to help

  • Get an email address, to send helpful information they can review in their own time

  • Never annoy or fluster. If you do, move to politely terminate. Then call another day

  • If the phone 'line is bad', move to politely terminate to call another day

  • End Strong. Always end on a upbeat note. Example - “Thanks Danielle, you’ll receive an email from in a few minutes, have a good day”

  • Follow-up (is essential, it takes 6-12 touches for them to buy) Your focus now is to HELP them. Follow-up by sending information such as; Catalogues, Case Studies, Industry Trends, Newsletters and Events Then continue to follow-up, to stay ‘top of mind’

What not to say, on a Cold Call

“How are you today?” Is inauthentic, you don’t care how they are. 

“Is this a good time to talk?” On a cold-call, there’s never a ‘good time’ because you're a stranger. Note: “Is this a good time to talk?” is essential to say on warm-calls because they have Reached Out to you first. Saying this, signals to the customer that you respect their time.

“How have you been!?” You are 'disrupting' the conversation to pretend you’re their Long Lost Friend. Yes it's disruptive but it's also TRICKERY. Do not do this

"I'm sorry to interrupt ..." You're not interrupting! It's a business call. If they don't want to do business they should live in a tent on a beach :-). If you are polite and to-the-point you have nothing to apologize for

Objections / Curiosity / Humour If you’re on a cold-call, acknowledge and record their objection for later. Never argue or disagree on a cold-call.

This could be a good time to be curious - "You're not interested in getting New Clients, I'm jealous, what's you're secret!"

or humorous if they say "no", "Yes!, I need 6 people to say NO before I get a YES and you're my sixth NO, so I'm on the way to FAME and FORTUNE." Why not? You're not negotiating an International Peace Deal between 2 countries, this is Sales and Marketing, have some fun

Then end the conversation on a pleasant note and callback next week, and tell them you're FAMOUS and WEALTHY because of their help :-). Then have an authentic conversation

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