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10 second cold-calling without pressure

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The human voice with the telephone is the most cost-effective way to promote, if used correctly.

  • Cold calling is not about calling people at home.

  • Cold calling is not about being pushy or trying to control a conversation.

  • Cold calling is about creating awareness or getting feedback

  • Cold calling is targeted

  • It's simply one business saying hello to another business (B2B).

    • "Hi, what's the best way to introduce my business to yours?"

It's like meeting someone at a party and introducing yourself. Except the context is different. You are a complete stranger. So instead, you're asking permission to introduce yourself. How they respond doesn't matter because you cannot control how they respond. You are not looking for a YES / a positive reaction. You are going with the flow. You are looking for a reason to politely disengage NOT engage because you cannot 'achieve' anything on the first call because trust is built over time. You will probably follow-up immediately with a very simple email. Then call back in 7days

Cold calling can also be done in-person (the best way) by hand delivering printed material. Imagine you are a friendly courier. Then phone the next day

B2C businesses can also do it (Businesses that sell 2 Consumers)

  • B2C example - Cake shop calls nearby offices and talks to 'social club organiser'

  • B2C example - Surf Shop calls HR departments. Selling surf lessons as Team Building

Which businesses to call?

  • Call all businesses close to you (you don't know who they know).

  • Call businesses further away if you specialise

  • Call your targets - you know these.

  • Call to create alliances - Real Estate Agents calling Home Loan businesses.

When to call?

  • Not Monday or 9-10am. They're too busy.

  • Not 12-2. They're (thinking of) eating

How to get started

  • 5 calls with 5 emails in 15 minutes on Tues, Wed, Thurs and Friday.

Scripts are important (be warm, not a robot) especially for voicemails.

Never call just once - that's for dodgy telemarketers.

Follow-up because trust is built over time. Maximum 6 times over a few months.​

Why should you cold call?

Because if they haven't heard of you they cannot buy from you.

How to Cold-call

  • Have a Pen and Pad. Write and record everything.

  • Target, so you know there's a fair chance they'll be interested.

  • Start Strong. Speaking slowly, clearly and courteously at all times.

  • Never sell, just help.

  • Only engage if they want to engage.

  • Email helpful information they can review in their own time.

  • Never annoy or fluster.

  • If communication becomes difficult, (for any reason) move to politely terminate to call another day.

  • Reinforce. Example - “Thanks Danielle, you’ll receive an email from in a few minutes, have a good day.”

  • Stay top-of-mind with follow-up (because it takes 6-12 'touches' for them to buy) Your focus now is to HELP them. Follow-up by sending information, entertainment or inspiration. Aim for short, relevant, interesting and rare.

  • Finally, you're not negotiating an International Peace Deal between 2 countries, this is Sales and Marketing. Release yourself from the burden of expectations, be curious and enjoy it. Trust takes time.

  • For more, see Step 4. at

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