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Cold-calling explained

Updated: Mar 1

Anyone can serve. A machine can serve you a cup of coffee. That’s a Reactive Service. A Proactive Service, on the other hand, is when you Reach Out to others, like cold-calling.

7 reasons to cold-call

  1. If they’re not aware of you, they cannot buy from you

  2. Mindful cold-calling then emailing, is the most cost effective method of spreading awareness, understanding and interest

  3. You constantly need new customers to replace customers that leave, because of… a) new procurement practices b) Digital Disruption c) offshoring d) new government regulations

  4. You’ll Stand Out, because your competitors won’t do it

  5. Service will always be King. Ask how you can serve them

  6. Once you’ve conquered cold-calling, all conversations are easier

  7. If you don’t cold-call and the customer calls you, it’s because they’re in research phase (meaning, you’re 1 of many on their list). Jump in now, be the first

Phone cold-calling in 5 steps

NOTE: If you email first, then phone, you have something to talk about. If you don’t have their Personal Email, send it to their Generic Address (info@xxxxxxx.com from their website).

  1. Target Research before you call. Scan their website for talking points

  2. Start Strong Speaking slowly, clearly and courteously are ALL essential. “James (pause) calling from Haldane Marketing, (pause) in Smithville (pause), which email can I use for your Business.”

  3. Do not sell, engage or seek a conversation (you're a stranger and it's too early) Be a ‘Courier’ looking for an appropriate email address, to send a 'letter of introduction'

  4. End Strong Always end on a upbeat note “Thanks Danielle, you’ll receive an email from James@jameshaldane.com.au in a few minutes, have a good day”

  5. Follow-up (is essential, it takes 6-12 touches for them to buy) Your focus now is to HELP them. Follow-up by sending information such as; Catalogues, Case Studies, Industry Trends, Newsletters and Events Then continue to follow-up, to stay ‘top of mind’

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