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7 Cold-calling myths busted

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I don't have a cold calling mindset -

When you were 5 years old you'd talk to anyone. You don't need to learn a 'mindset', it's in you. Just remove the years of 'learned fear'.

If I cold call I will get rejected -

No, they are just 'protecting' themselves.

Cold calling is too much talking -

Sometimes there'll be no conversation (answering machine). And when you do talk, it will mostly be very short exchanges

Cold calling annoys people -

Not if you are relaxed, helpful, short and it's easy for them to 'opt out'.

They're not interested -

So what, I'm not interested in groceries, but I buy them.

Most won't buy -

So what, do you buy pizza every time you see an ad? No. But it does increase the advertiser's 'mindshare'.

B2C businesses can't cold call B2B -

Yes they can, here's 3 examples.

  • 1) A Cafe calls local businesses to provide catering.

  • 2) A fashion store invites local businesses to Fashion Shows.

  • 3) A Surf Shop calls HR departments to sell Surf Lessons as Team Building Days.

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