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A dodgy history of sales

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

A Long time ago - We sold to fellow villagers. Undodgy.

200 years ago - Industrial Revolution and Snake Oil Salesmen - we start selling to strangers. Dodgy starts.

100 years ago - Talk of 'trust', but persuasion still rules. Dodgy is determined.

50 years ago - Various sales methodologies masquerade under 'value' and 'trust', but it's still, my-stuff-is-the-best! Dodgy dressed-up.

1980s - Glengarry Glen Ross (great film, great writer). Dodgy darkside

Post 2000. The internet becomes popular, meaning ...

  • For Sellers - A promise that Websites and Social Media are Game Changers - doesn't happen because half of all sellers just keep on saying my-stuff-is-the-best! The other half just give up. Dodgy decreases.

  • For Buyers - they have the knowledge (the power) and now they're a lot harder to persuade. That's why the other half of sellers (above) gave up.

Post 2010 - Buyers know more than sellers. So some salespeople just push harder and use a 'challenger' method (yeah, good luck with that). And more Salespeople give up. Dodgy still disguised.

  • Marketing (websites) is now more important than Sales (talking). But the buyer still imagines the seller TALKING to them via a website. So 'sales' is still important. Maybe more important as digital fluff and manipulation increases.

  • Chatbot replies, "Please type your email so we can assist you further." (mmmm!)

And finally the Untold Undodgy History of Sales is the minority of salespeople and Business owners, 'selling by helping' and getting sustainable repeat sales, reviews, referrals and enjoying life. Dodgy discarded :-)

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