Your own Event

Planned, Promoted and Compered by James

Seminars, Workshops, Open Days and Trade Shows

Be Unspectacular

You are the STAR, not Fireworks or Light Shows

without Food

it's about you, not the food

staffed by your people

don't hire staff for your event - they don't care






















Events position you as an Authority in your field 

Allowing you to Gather Sales Leads and Grow your Database. 'Entertaining’ replaces 'selling'.

The Benefits of an Event (compared to 'selling')​

  • Attracting people to an Event is easier than chasing people to meet

  • Conversations at Events are more productive than trying to book a formal meeting

  • Events showcase solutions and allow Customer Experiences to unfold


What I'll provide

  • Pre-Event; Choreography, Initial Promotion and Advertising (On/Offline)

  • At the Event; First to arrive, Greetings, Fun Ice-Breakers, Speaking, Compering and Last to Leave

  • Post-Event; Follow-up phone calls to double the impact, gather feedback and re-invite

Issues we'll address

  • Where to have an Event? On or Off Site

  • Lead Gathering. Prizes?

  • 'Speakers' educating from the stage (not selling from the stage)

  • Q and A Sessions?

Customer issues we'll address

“What’s in it For Me, (WiiFM) if I go to your event?” Insightful Speakers? New Products? Networking? Knowledge? Quirky Location? Entertainment? Where will I park? Where is it? What’s it near? Where’s the entrance? Is there a Door Greeter? Are there enough staff to talk with me? Will I feel welcome? Can I network? How does networking happen?

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“James is a consummate performer.”

Simon G.

Greys Advertising,

Shopping Mall, Game Show

“James is a very Charismatic compere as well as fantastic music director…has enthusiastic flare and can think up great ideas beyond the normal.” 

Sonia Karadimos. 

Bliss Fashion Parade,

Gold Coast.

“James both improved the cohesion of the evening and promoted a sense of celebration experienced by the staff and their families. James also demonstrated the flexibility to adapt to the atmosphere and unfolding progress of the evening by slightly adjusting his planning where necessary- all with good humour and calmness.”

Tim Booth,

Mission Australia,


"You were great and very natural. Once again thank you very very much for what you did. You were a real pleasure to work with.”

Maria Maruca, Modaitalia,

Italian Trade Association,

Alfa Romeo Showroom, Brisbane

Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, Australia  0412 377 309

Forget Selling - Sell More by Helping - Results Guaranteed

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