Sales Training

the 4 step T-E-R-M Method

Telephone - Email - Repeat - Meet

To grow, you need to cold-call strangers, there is no short-cut.

Learn how to sell; by helping, not selling. 

Using authentic phone, email and face-to-face conversations.

4 steps - you choose what you need.

Satisfaction guaranteed, with Risk-Free, pay-as-you-go payments.

Selling is about Quality and Quantity

  1. A Quality message that people understand.

  2. Quantity - repeated often, without annoying.

Text or email, "I'm interested in Sales Training" to James, and I'll do the rest.

Step 1. Telephone Training to get their attention.

  • Cut through the noise, with your authentic voice.

  • Cold-calling says; "I want your business." Moving you from 'order taker' to Money Maker.

What we'll cover in Phone Training...

What are you REALLY selling?  

For example; Does a Café sell coffee or 'people watching seats'​ / conversations / community / newspaper access / warmth from the cold / respite from the heat ...?


Where are your Target Audiences

  1. Territories - your local area. Includes in-person cold-calling. We'll create a letter or presentation folder and hit the road together (you'll learn my stress-free 'courier method').

  2. Accounts - targeting specific industries.

  3. Demographics - specific types of people.

  4. Secondary Markets, e.g. Electrical manufacturer targets Jewelers, to sell wire.

What to say (provided by James).

and Why you're saying it so you can confidently improvise.

  • Minimalist Scripts written to suit your style.

  • Voicemail Scripts for maximum impact.

  • Listening for 'little comments' to uncover opportunities.

  • How to handle difficult customers and ambiguity.

  • How to build authentic 'small talk' and create rapport.

  • Appointment setting - the 5 minute presentation.

How to say it. The importance of your 'tone' and 'rate' of speech. They won't remember what you said, they will remember how you made them feel.

Also includes;

  • Taking Inbound Calls​;

    • 'First impressions'.

    • Active questioning for rapport and profit.

    • Avoiding dead air-time.

  • Warm Calls;

    • Retention (calling after the sale).

    • Rejuvenation (calling old clients).

    • Responding to an inquiry.

  • Hot Calls - "they're keen, don't blow it" (active questioning).

  • Role Plays and Live Calls (optional).

Step 2. Emails to promote understanding.

Short, clear and comprehensive, explaining how you can help, without selling. Provided by James.

Step 3. Repeat - Phone, Email and Social Media to be remembered

  • Following-up

    • proves you're serious - not a one-off telemarketer.

    • with variety, so you never annoy.

    • timetable created by James.

  • Social Media

    • Step 1; should you use Social Media? 

    • Mixing education with entertainment. Authentic conversations rule.

    • Biggest mistake - using Social as a billboard.

Step 4. Meet - Presentation Skills to build trust.

  • Your new 5 minute presentation (created by James).

  • Public Speaking skills.

Text or email, "I'm interested in Sales Training", and I'll do the rest

When we have 'finished' working together you'll continue to have my support and encouragement because your continuing success is my continuing success


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